Pizza Lovers Try Local Pizza and Domino’s Side-by-Side

Is local pizza really better than Big Pizza?

Does Big Pizza really cost less than a real pizza from a neighborhood restaurant?

Every pizza lover knows the answer to those questions, but, in honor of Local Pi Day on 3.14, Slice conducted a taste test to mathematically prove the real pizza theorem. Break out the pocket protectors and the napkin bibs because this taste test with true pizza aficionados is here to settle the score.

Much like the digits of Pi, options in the pizza universe are infinite. That’s why six pizza lovers were asked to give their take on authentic New York pizzas alongside factor-y pies from Domino’s, Papa John’s, Little Caesars, and Pizza Hut in a blind taste test. At the end of the transcendental experience, the mysterious identities and prices of the πs are unlocked for all the world to see!

Click below to find out whether real pizza reigned supreme in taste and price:

To show our work, we had real pizza lovers try local pizza and Big Pizza side-by-side in a blind taste test. Check out the video below.

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