Shop Owners: The Largest Pizza Rewards Program is Here

You know us: We’re all about loyalty, on both sides of the counter. That’s why we’ve launched the nation’s largest pizza rewards program, Slice Rewards, the nation’s first customer loyalty program for the independent pizzeria industry. 

Slice Rewards means free pizza for your top customers. And we’re paying for it at launch. Here’s what you need to know about Slice Rewards as you get ready for even more orders:

What is Slice Rewards?

Slice Rewards is our brand-new loyalty program, designed to drive orders and reorders for your shop.  It’s the largest pizza rewards program in the United States — even bigger than Domino’s and Pizza Hut.

Every order over $15 on Slice = 1 Pizza Point 🍕 

8 Pizza Points = 1 free pizza (Funded by Slice!)

Customers will track their progress in the Slice app as they eat their way towards their next free pie. We’ll also be treating them to free toppings, sodas, garlic knots along the way. (All of those tasty treats are on the arm for you and your customers.)

How Does Slice Rewards Increase Pizzeria Sales? 

Slice Rewards gives regulars an extra incentive to order from your shop. It’s simple: The more they eat pizza, the more they earn pizza. 

There’s never been anything quite like this for pizza before. We’re excited to make history together, because loyalty programs keep ~80% of consumers coming back for more

One free pizza can go a long way for your customers. Take Starbucks for example. Just when it seemed like they couldn’t possibly sell more coffee, their loyalty program increased revenue by 40%. It’s all about giving customers more of what they love (your pizza), by way of doing what they love (ordering your pizza). 

This Pizza Rewards Program Will Help You Sell More Pizza

We’ve already auto-enrolled your customers in Slice Rewards. We’ll also be sending them emails, reminders, and notifications as they rack up the Pizza Points. Easy, peasy, extra cheesy.   

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