Pizza vs Pandemic: Sending pizza to healthcare workers

Hot off the heels of partnering with the Justin Turner Foundation, the Slice team has been working hard with our friends at Slice Out Hunger and Pizza to the Polls to spin up Pizza vs Pandemic. This initiative will get pizza into the hands of the nation’s healthcare workers, while simultaneously supporting small businesses. 

How it works:

  1. Individuals and businesses make a tax-deductible donation to Slice Out Hunger, a 501(c)3 nonprofit famous for its campaigns like Dollar Slice Night and Pizza Across America. 
  2. Slice Out Hunger will use 100% of this money to buy pizza from independent pizzerias, through Slice. 
  3. The pizzas will be sent to groups of workers at care centers — hospitals, clinics, shelters, etc. — that are in real need during this difficult time. Funded by donations, these pizza orders will also provide much needed revenue to the small business restaurants serving food to communities nationwide..

We launched this program on March 21st and, in a single day, raised over $12,000 for pizza relief. I’m confident we can beat that number as the days go on.

Know of workers who could use some pizza love? Let Slice Out Hunger know when you make your contribution, or tweet them @SliceOutHunger. They’ll verify the destination and set up the order. It’s that simple. 

Donations are open now.


Does an individual need to donate the full price of a pie for it to be delivered?

No. We’ll take donations of any size. Your donation will be added in with everyone else’s and used to order whatever amount of food is necessary.

Will Pizza vs. Pandemic wait until donations meet a certain threshold, then coordinate a delivery? 

No waiting. We’re already getting orders out to the care workers who need our help now.

Will deliveries be coordinated for single pies, or large drop-offs?

Both. When we’re informed about a care center in need, we reach out to confirm how much food is needed and the best way to safely deliver it.

Are delivery drivers following a certain protocol for safe delivery? 

Yes. Before placing orders with pizzerias, we confirm that they are following the most recent best practices for food handling and delivery. We also work with both the care center and pizzeria to determine the safest means of delivery, including curb-side drop-off.

Who is coordinating the partnership on behalf of the medical institutions?

Team members from Slice Out Hunger, Pizza to the Polls, and Slice are volunteering extra time for these one-on-one coordinations.

I’m a pizzeria owner and I want to get involved!

Reach out to your Slice Account Manager and they’ll pass your information on to the team behind this program.

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