Pizzerias you oughta order from in Richmond

In Richmond, there’s no reason to squabble over where you and your crew should order from – there are food choices aplenty and ample shops worthy of your hard-earned pizza money.

Instead, save the bickering for a fierce debate on the pros and cons of the city’s hipster influx. Whether you’re a lifelong Richmond resident, one of the folks who helped rebrand the city as RVA, or just passing through one of the country’s fastest-rising food cities, we’ve got some pizzerias for you to check out:


The sticklers at the AVPN approve of their Neapolitan pizza. Ditto for everyone else looking for a delicious expertly-charred Neapolitan near the VCU campus. They also offer inventive pies that the AVPN would frown upon, but don’t let that stop you from getting chorizo on your pizza.

Belmont Pizzeria

Belmont is an Upper Fan hotspot that beckons gourmands with nostalgia for the pizzas of their youth. Their pies are covered edge-to-edge with cheese and can be topped with everything from buffalo chicken to fresh zucchini and basil pesto.    


In 2019, the Belmont team opened up Carmela’s in Shockoe Bottom. The (younger) sister restaurant is decidedly different with potent cocktails and superb thin-crust pies that can be made well-done, upon request.   

Grapevine Greek & Italian

Grapevine Pizza

The Grapevine’s owner came to America in 1971 with a few bucks in his pocket and a dream of making a career as a chef. Mission accomplished, and then some. After working his way through area kitchens, he opened up shop in Henrico and found a giant following for his family’s cherished Greek recipes. 

They’ve got both Greek and Italian covered, which means you can gear up for a tasty lasagna with lemony hummus, if you wish. Or, opt for mozzarella sticks and Italian wedding soup. If you want a week’s worth of your faves, you can even order from their catering menu for pickup or delivery.    

Delia’s Brick Oven Pizza 

Delia Pizza Richmond

We’re on board with any restaurant that manages to serve both Mussels Provençal and “Pizza Knuckles”. Delia’s nails both of them equally well. For the uninitiated: Delia’s knuckles up by filling crispy, light, and buttery filo dough with cheese to form something of a bite-sized calzone. In other words, a quasi-pizza can be your starter for pizza. Other fine choices include zucchini fritters, calamari, and a white prosciutto pie blessed with sweet fig balsamic.

Anthony’s Italian Pizza 

Anthony’s has everything from bacon cheese fries to toasted ravioli to scallops on their lengthy menu, but the desserts tempt us to skip to the end, just under the kid’s menu. And, ya know what, you’re a big kid now. Start with dessert, if that’s what you want to do. Their tiramisu, generously topped with cocoa, is particularly good and travels better than you’d expect.

Picciotti’s Pizza

Lots of pizza styles to be found here – thick and thin – but we personally dig the Sicilian pie the most. Built with mozz, ricotta, tangy puddles of tomato sauce, strips of basil, and a crispy foundation, it’s as tasty as it is addictive.


Zorba’s prides itself on its white pies. Specifically, its titular pizza with fresh mozz, feta, spinach, and artichoke hearts. Don’t worry – if meat is what you’re after, you can get yours with any number of their pizzeria standards, or even split the difference with your own custom half-and-half pie order.      


Maglio’s is not where you go for italiano classico. Instead, this is the spot for giant pizza UFOs stuffed with buffalo chicken and pies with lots and lots of cheese, which can be bordered with braids of parmesan-dusted garlic knots. That’s molto buona in our book. 

Albert Pizzeria

Albert Pizzeria

When classes start up again, University of Richmond students will have plenty of go-to linen tablecloth places to take their parents, who are also picking up the check.

When they leave and furnish them with cash for books and whatnot, they can use that money to order pizzas, wings, hoagies, and golden-brown Jamaican beef patties at Albert’s. You don’t need a degree to know that “hole-in-the-wall” joints like this are often where you get some of the most satisfying eats.         

Mary Angela’s Pizzeria

Located in the heart of Carytown, Mary Angela’s has been a local fave for decades. Heads up: They’ve got a heavy hand with the salt on their pizzas, but regulars view that as a plus.

8 1/2 

8 1/2 pizza

A great spot for personal pies and hefty calzones. If you’ve got the fam with you, you’ll want to go one pie per person. Also, it’s a take-out restaurant, so you’ll want to sort out where you’ll do the actual eating before you get there.

Pizza & Beer of Richmond

Whether you agree with their proclamation as “The best damn pizza in RVA!” is for you to decide, but PBR has its fair share of fans. No matter what, you won’t be mad at their never-ending list of toppings, which includes hot honey, shishito peppers, and fried eggs.   

The Hop Craft Pizza & Beer

Should pickles be on top of pizza? Let your friend direct that question to the back of your head as you chow down on their famous Pickleback pie.

River City Wood Fire

This big red truck keeps the blaze inside and churns out really tasty wood-fired pies. They don’t have a brick-and-mortar shop (at least, not yet), so catch them when you can, once they’re back on the road in April.

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