The 10 Weirdest Pizza Toppings

And you thought putting pineapple of pizza was weird? Shaking our heads. We have scoured the globe to bring you the absolute strangest pizza toppings. Disclaimer: this is a judgment free zone. What sounds strange to s on pizza might not sound strange to you. That’s ok! We respect all pizza toppings in this house, but we also reserve the right to gently tease you if you ask for canned tuna on your pizza.

From every corner of the globe, here are the weirdest pizza toppings that people love.

Try them, if you dare.

Mockba: Popular on pizza in Russia, mockba is a combination of sardines, tuna, mackerel, salmon, and onions. If you thought anchovy pizza wasn’t quite pungent enough, perhaps this topping is for you. The power of the flavors will give you the strength to survive a brutal Siberian winter.

Mayo Jaga: A Japanese creation, this pizza has mayonnaise, bacon, and potatoes. Much like an Elvis sandwich, it sounds bizarrely delicious. 10/10 would eat.

Fruit: In the US, there’s a whole world of fruit on pizza beyond pineapple. Grapes and bananas appear on specialty pizzas across the country. Bananas are particularly popular on pizza in Sweden. Strawberries, which admittedly taste good with Balsamic vinegar, are another fruit topping option.

Frito Pie: As a Texan, this is a weird pizza topping that I can get behind. Frito pie, a Texas delicacy that combines chili, cheese, onions, and Fritos, isn’t the most intuitive pizza topping, and yet. Brave visionaries have combined the two foods, making one overloaded, crispy, crunchy dish.

Mustard: This one might be a one off, but Papa’s Tomato Pies, a New Jersey pizza parlor that claims to be the oldest in the US, serves a pizza with a layer of spicy brown mustard under the sauce and cheese. Is it a pizza or a ham sandwich? Why can’t it be both?

Peas and Corn: A staple in Naples, corn on pizza appears to be growing in popularity, popping up menus all across the country in the form of fresh tomato and corn summer pizza or street-corn topped pizza. Peas, which seem to have a similar pizza topping energy, are popular in Brazil.

Falafel: We’re sensing a theme here. People just want to combine their favorite foods into one meal. Why not try falafel on top of a pizza if that’s your jam? It’s a pitazza.

French fries: French fries are a somewhat common pizza topping in Rome, and also in our hearts. Validation from actual Italy must mean it’s legit.

Reindeer: A smoked reindeer pizza from Finland actually won an international pizza competition in 2008, so don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it, we guess?

Baked beans: It’s not such a far jump from beans on toast to beans on pizza, which is perhaps why this combination exists. At one point, this was popular enough in the UK that you could buy a frozen Heinz baked bean pizza. Sadly, that no longer appears to be the case, so you’ll have to craft your own – whip out that can opener.

— Alyssa Morris

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