The Best Local Pizza in NYC

New York City is the mecca of pizza in the U.S. But, with so many great shops, how do you find the very best pizza in NYC? 

Obviously, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re a lifelong resident or an adventurous out-of-towner, we’ll show you where to score the best pizza in New York. 

Rosa’s Pizza

It all started in 1975 when one entrepreneur enlisted his seven sons to open up a pizza parlor in Maspeth, Queens. Roughly 44 years later, Rosa’s is a local powerhouse with multiple locations in Queens and a recently opened storefront in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Rosa’s offers a wide selection of delicious round pies, but their calling card comes in the form of squares, whether it be the mouthwatering thick Sicilian or the thinner grandma variation. Whether you’re in Astoria or Williamsburg, their “vodka grandma” will blow you away.

Artichoke Basille’s

So, you might think this list of the best pizza in New York is going to be all about thin crust. After all, that’s what put NYC’s pizzeria scene on the map. Well, as a matter of fact, you can find just about any style in the five boroughs, including slices topped with artichoke dip.

Yes, that’s right — your favorite football Sunday appetizer stars atop perfect pies at Artichoke Basille’s. They’re basically a college freshman’s dream come true, but they’re delicious for diners of all ages. If you’re near the East Village, you can order from their original location and see why they’re one of the tastiest shops in town.   

John’s of Bleecker Street

They didn’t just put their address on their awning — this shop essentially put Bleecker St. on the map as a pizza destination. It all started in over 80 years ago, when Italian immigrant Giovanni “John” Sasso kneaded his pizza recipe to perfection. To this day, John’s of John’s of Bleecker Street is family owned and churning out masterful coal-fired pies.

If you’re passing through, then you’ll want to stop in for a slice and take in the old-school ambiance. But, they’ve also made a few welcome tweaks over the years. For example, you can now order for pickup or delivery on Slice

Koronet Pizza

Good news: You don’t have to go to D.C. for jumbo-style. When you’re extra hungry, this Morningside Heights destination has you covered. One slice at Koronet is roughly equivalent to three-and-a-half slices of “normal” pizza. You can’t beat that value. Besides, it’s brain food — just ask all the Columbia students who treat this parlor like it’s their dining hall. 

Pro tip: Order online to skip the dinner rush and nosh on some of the best pizza in nyc. Also, don’t worry about overdoing it, because these slices are still plenty tasty the next day.

Joe & Pat’s

If Staten Island is known for one thing, it’s the Wu Tang Clan. If Shaolin is known for two things, it’s that, plus having more world-class pizzerias than Wu Tang has members. Joe & Pat’s is among Staten Island’s most storied shops and home to some of the very best pizza in NYC. Sure, you can get thin-crust pizza anywhere, but you’ve never had cracker-thin pies like this before. Try their “plain” cheese pizza adorned with generous slabs of fresh mozzarella. Or, get yours topped with crispy cup-and-char pepperoni. Fair warning: The traffic on Victory Boulevard can be brutal, so we recommend delivery or ordering ahead for pickup.   

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