The Power of SEO

Having a website, no matter what kind, is somewhat like opening a brick and mortar business. Just because you have the sign up outside that first day, it doesn’t mean anyone is going to know to stop by! SEO is the digital version of that scenario. Short for “search engine optimization,” SEO is the process of increasing visibility of a particular website by acquiring quality traffic to your site.

To protect people while browsing the web, and to offer up the most helpful search results, Google ranks websites based on a few key factors like speed, content quality, and security.

To end up with better rankings, you need to optimize your site for both search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) and for their users. SEO can seem pretty complicated and technical, but thankfully, you can make a major impact even with just small, incremental changes to your site. Here are a few ways SEO updates can benefit your business:

Low Marketing Cost

One of the best things about SEO is that, if done well, it can generate completely free advertising for your business. Part of SEO is ranking for keywords associated with your business, which Google and other search engines “read” in your website text. This means that if someone searches for “food near me,” your site might appear in results alongside other restaurants in your neighborhood. Replicate scenarios like this hundreds of times and you can see how impressions begin to stack up!

Increased Organic Search Traffic

Despite the fact that your customers might know your domain, most everyone still goes straight to Google when they’re looking for something online. Learned web behavior shows us that it’s much more likely that your fans will type your pizzeria name, your location, and what they’d like to do (order!) into a search engine. SEO ensures that the right page will be served up to anyone searching for your business.

Marketing Insights

The power of SEO is repeatedly driving eyes to your business, and with Google Analytics, you can gather insights from those clicks to learn more about your customers. What pages perform best on your site? Do site demographics match up with what you see in-store and through deliveries? Use data to inform and refine marketing efforts.

Need help understanding and harnessing the power SEO? Our team of experts is here to help.

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