The Right Hot Sauce For Every Pizza Topping

Recently, we checked in with the hot sauce experts at Heatonist to get their take on the best hot sauces for pizza.

That got us to thinking – are there specialty hot sauces that go exceptionally well with specific toppings? Turns out, there are! Here are the sauces you need for the toppings you crave:


Pepperoni is salty, a little bit spicy, and oh so very porky, so a little bit of sweetness and an added kick can go a long way towards supercharging your slice.  For pepperoni, whether it be in flat slice form or in the classic cup shape, Heatonist recommends spicy honey.

If you haven’t tried spicy honey on your pizza before, we suggest you change that ASAP. The sweet/spicy combo may sound unusual, but it’s a fantastic addition to any slice, and it’s especially true of a slice with ‘roni.

Bee Local Hot Honey offers a higher concentration of vinegar than other hot honeys on the market, which gives an added bit of acid to offset the sweetness.


When used in the right measure, anchovies can make for a truly memorable pizza. But, because of their briny flavor, you can’t just dump any old hot sauce onto an anchovy slice. Instead, Heatonist suggests a hot sauce that offers higher-than-average acidity and, when possible, a hint of citrus.

If you’re brave enough for ghost peppers, try a couple of drops of Heatonist’s one-year anniversary sauce on your fishy slice for a serious sting backed by refreshing lemon flavor.  


When choosing a hot sauce for your sausage slice, you want to find one that properly blends with the delicious oils given off by the meat. The fat of the sausage, Heatonist says, can be well-complimented by a vinegar-heavy sauce that has a touch of smokiness.

For a sausage slice, the experts readily recommend Maple Wood Smoked Onion from Butterfly Bakery, a medium-heat sauce that reminds some of a grown-up version of Tabasco.


Don’t worry, veggie lovers, we’ve also got you covered.

Thick slices of vegetables call for a hot sauce that is acidic, but also slightly sweet. For pizzas topped with tomato, zucchini, olives, mushrooms, or other veggies, The Bronx Green Hot Sauce is a solid match. This thick sauce from Small Axe Peppers gets its mild heat from pulverized serranos and its light sweetness from dabs of onion and sugar.

Just a heads up: The flavor of this sauce is strong, so few drops should get the job done.

Heatonist offers countless varieties of hot sauce at its flagship store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and at its sister shop in Manhattan’s Chelsea Market. Those located outside of NYC can also get their fix by ordering online at    

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