How Tony Boloney’s Saves More with Slice

Botched orders are a constant pain point with third-party apps. Tony Boloney’s owner Mike Hauke learned that the hard way before partnering with Slice. Now, thanks to Slice’s small business-friendly pricing and 24/7 support, he’s driving record profits across all of his locations.

Setting The Table

Tony Boloney’s is beloved for its warm service and never-ending creativity. Still, sloppy delivery from apps like DoorDash left his customers unsatisfied. As a result, owner Mike Hauke had to re-do those orders and issue refunds out of his own pocket.  Meanwhile, he was charged 30% or more for every order. 

Thoroughly fed up, Mike found a solution in Slice — a first-party partner that drives loyalty without eating up profits.      

The Challenge: Keeping Customers Satisfied 

“The other apps would call up and start yelling at us when there’s an issue with an order,” Mike explained. “I’ll say, ‘Oh, I’m sorry, your driver came here with a backpack, took the pizza, and put it in sideways. Now, the customer’s mad about it. How is that our fault? You’re not going to pay for that? Why should we pay for that?”

Unfortunately, it’s a story we hear all too often. While Uber Eats and GrubHub charge skyhigh commissions, they pay their own drivers next to nothing. In turn, they have no incentive to handle food with care. Then, when deliveries go sideways, shops are left holding the bag.

“[With those apps], we have to call the customer and deliver a new pizza to them ourselves,” Mike explained. “So, not only did we just pay 30% to this app — we also had to refund the entire thing.”

The Solution: Slice’s #1 Ranked Customer Service   

Tired of chargebacks and headaches, Mike started directing his digital customers to Slice. The difference, he says, was day and night:

“Slice will call and say, ‘There was a customer who said her pizza was a little bit cold. So, we’ll issue her another order and have her pick it up.’…It’s never a problem with Slice, they take care of it.  After all the craziness that goes on, you get off the phone and you’re like “Oh, that was weird…but refreshing!”

With reliable service and ordering reminders to back his Instagram-ready pies, Tony Boloney’s has expanded to four locations with more on the way. 

Ready to take your pizzeria to the next level? Learn more and sign up with Slice today.

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