What is a Stromboli?

Ever wonder what a stromboli is or where it came from? Of course you have! Here’s the scoop on this unique and beloved offshoot of the pizza pie.

Where did the stromboli come from?

The stromboli is inspired by Italian cuisine, but it is not native to Italy. Rather, it was born in South Philly in the 1950s.

So what exactly is a stromboli?

A stromboli is made with dough on the outside and pizza toppings on the inside. A hunk of stromboli makes for a great for a grab-and-go food, but it’s even better to divvy up a whole one with friends.

Is a stromboli the same thing as a calzone?

Yes, they’re similar, but they’re not quite the same.

Strombolis are rolled like burritos whereas calzones are folded over like tacos. Those “pizza tacos” (mmm, pizza tacos) are meant to be eaten by one person, but strombolis are designed to be sliced and enjoyed by two or more diners.

Strombolis and calzoni also have different origins. The stromboli is from South Philadelphia, born and raised. The calzone, on the other hand, is native to Italy.

Is there sauce on the inside of a stromboli?

That depends. The bready structure of the stromboli allows for sauce to be placed within, but some are served with tomato sauce on the side for dipping. There are also strombolis that split the difference with sauce inside and a cup of tomato sauce for dunking.

Preferences may vary, but, for the record, we’re cool with all three.  

Is a stromboli a type of pizza?

At minimum, the stromboli is a cousin to pizza. But, truth be told, it doesn’t really matter.

If you’ve spent hours lying awake at night wondering whether or not a stromboli is a pizza, we totally understand. But, sometimes, the mysteries of the universe are best left unexplored.

Just like pizza, strombolis are available for delivery on the Slice app and are incredibly delicious, so why not skip the debate and order one today?

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