What is Pizza Al Taglio

Pizza al taglio has long been a favorite in Rome, but its popularity is quickly growing in the United States and other parts of the world. These days, it’s hip to be square, and this pizza style may be poised for global domination.

Here’s why pizza al taglio is a fine choice when in Rome, or even when you’re not in Rome.

What does “al taglio” mean?

Technically speaking, “al taglio” translates to “by the cut,” which would cover any variety of pizza that is sold by the slice. However, the Italian al taglio style typically refers to crispy thin crust pizza that is baked in a large rectangular tray.

At al taglio shops in Rome, customers pay for pizza by the kilogram and can more or less dictate their size of their square or rectangular slices. It’s a phenomenal system for those who are only want a small bite or are eager to try multiple varieties of pizza in one sitting.

In Italy’s capital, Pizzarium and other popular al taglio spots tend to draw lines that wrap around the block. Trust us, it’s worth the weight.

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What toppings can I get on my pizza al taglio?

Al taglio shops pride themselves on offering a wide variety of toppings. Specifically, the focus is on fresh, in-season ingredients, allowing you to sample the season’s most flavorful vegetables on each slice.

Even if you go into an al taglio pizzeria with a particular topping in mind, it would be wise to zero in on the best veggies currently available. In Italy, that means flavorful fennel in February, peak artichokes in April, and perfect zucchini flowers in June.

Vegetable specialties and seasons will vary from place to place, so we advise that you do some quick Googling before hand and let the garden be your guide. And, if you’re still not sure about what to get, don’t be afraid to ask the server for recommendations.  

Is pizza al taglio the same thing as Roman-style pizza?

Basically. Pizza al taglio is the most common name for this type of pizza, but it’s sometimes also referred to as “Roman-style pizza” or “pizza al trancio” (“by the slice”).

However, some pizza shops will refer to a more typical round pie as a Roman-style pizza, so al taglio and Roman-style are not always one and the same.    

Will I like pizza al taglio?

There’s only one way to find out! If you appreciate a well-made crispy crust, a variety of toppings, and the ability to diversify your pizza portfolio, then the answer is yes.

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