What Pizza to Order Based on Your Enneagram

Myers-Briggs is so six months ago. Now, we’re all about the Enneagram, an intuitive system of nine personality types. Take a test to determine your type and learn the secrets of the universe, or at least the secret of your ideal pizza order.

Type 1: The Perfectionist

As a perfectionist, you’re prone to self-criticism and like everything to be a certain way. You enjoy something classic and simple if it’s done to perfection. That’s why a wood-fired margherita pizza is the best pick for your refined taste buds. Whisk yourself away to Italy and relish the delicate crisp of the crust and creaminess of the buffalo mozzarella.

Type 2: The Giver

You’re relationship-oriented and generous. You like pizza the most when you’re sharing it with people you love. Your focus on the needs of others means that you often pick a pizza to please a crowd instead of yourself. But maybe, just this once, choose a really specific pizza and bring everyone else along for the ride. Barbecue chicken? Spinach and artichoke? The world is your oyster. If you feel the need to share, you can give your crust away.

Type 3: The Performer

As a performer, you’re focused on goals and achievements. Enthusiastic and confident, you’re the center of any gathering. Try a daring pizza, like Detroit-style pizza. It’s bold, different, and exciting. With a thick crust and zesty sauce, it’s just a bit out of the ordinary. Try it with peperoni for even more flair. Your friends and your stomach will thank you.

Type 4: The Romantic

Just like the poets of old, you’re empathetic and idealistic, with a love for authenticity. You sometimes struggle to live in the present, but with the taste of pizza on your tongue, you can’t help but be wholly here and now. Order something bursting with flavor and lots of toppings, like a veggie delight. Rejoice in its symphonic harmony.

Type 5: The Observer

You’re self-sufficient, thoughtful, and analytical. You have minimalist tendencies and like to spend a fair amount of time alone. Reconnect with your emotional side through a transcendent pizza experience. Order a white pie for a truly minimalist experience and savor the clean flavors.

Type 6: The Loyal Skeptic

You love certainty and security. You can sometimes have difficulties with trust. But your inner circle is tight. Share a pizza with your nearest and dearest and enjoy the security that comes from friendship. Try peppers and olives, a crowd-pleasing pizza that will never let you down. Trust in the tried and true combination of tastes.

Type 7: The Epicure

You love pizza – it’s right there in your name. Epicures love pleasure and adventure, and what’s more exciting than food? Order a pineapple and jalapeno pizza for something that’s fun and spicy, just like you.

Type 8: The Protector

You value strength, justice, and action. You’re direct in deed and thought. A meatlovers’ pizza will fortify you to face a world that can be scary and harsh. It is exactly what it says it is going to be – meaty.

Type 9: The Mediator

You seek to be loved by creating harmony. You’re laid back and inclusive of everyone and you like to avoid conflict. In a world with so many potential pizza toppings, choosing just one is a fraught choice for you. Can’t they all just get along? Why not choose tomatoes? They play nicely with the pizza sauce, aren’t overpowering, but still provide that extra pizzazz a plain cheese pizza might be lacking.

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