What pizza toppings go with anchovies?

People tend to love anchovies on pizza or hate anchovies on pizza, with no in between. We’ve even got scientific research and receipts to prove it. In a poll conducted by The Sauce Institute For Pizza Education, we learned that 24% of pizza eaters are all about anchovies, while 76% want to furiously swim in the opposite direction

Those that love anchovies know what’s up – the brininess and umami qualities of these diminutive, yet potent fish can elevate a pizza to new heights. Still, their unique flavor poses some challenges when attempting to build the best possible pizza with anchovies. Some pizza toppings go exceptionally well with anchovies, but others can completely capsize the experience.

These are the best toppings to go with anchovies on pizza and they just might be good enough to convert the most ardent anchovy haters:

Calabrian Chiles

Italian cuisine isn’t necessarily known for spice, but they tend to embrace the heat in Southern Italy, where Calabrian chiles are prominent in many dishes and often employed as a pizza topping.

With its salty, smoky, and slightly fruity flavor, it’s a perfect partner for anchovies on top of a pizza. If you love the taste of crushed red pepper flakes on top of your pie, you’ll go crazy for Calabrian chiles – or chile oil – when you pair them with anchovies. 


Are you a salt addict? Don’t worry, we don’t judge – you’re free to be your salty self with us.

When the saline punch of anchovies on your pizza just isn’t enough, you can add capers to the mix for bites that will positively burst with sodium. The small non-pareil caper is the most commonly found variety at pizzerias, but some will employ larger types such as capotes, which cover even more surface area on your anchovy pizza.


Chefs pair garlic and anchovies together for a reason – they go together like John Stockton and Karl Malone and, unlike The Mailman, they deliver every day of the week.

For a nuttier and sweeter flavor, opt for roasted garlic on top of your anchovy pizza. Or, for a more potent punch, aim for crushed garlic, which is added towards the end of the cooking process to preserve its naturally strong flavor.


Seeking flavor balance? The gentle sweetness of fresh tomatoes can bring an even-keeled flavor to the anchovies on your pie while supplying a similarly soft texture.


Anchovy pizza toppings need not be limited to just vegetables. If you’re an omnivore, why not go all out by adding sausage to the mix?

The silky fat of sausage blends beautifully with these oil-packed fish, making for a truly luxurious pie.

What’s your favorite pizza topping to go with anchovies?

We see these as the five best pizza toppings to go with anchovies, but that shouldn’t stop you from experimenting further. You can build and order an anchovy pizza with onions, mushrooms, or whatever else you’re craving on the Slice app 

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