What Pizza Toppings Go with Chicken?

Chicken might be one of the most underrated pizza toppings on the planet. If you’re looking to up your protein intake and deliciousness at the same time, these are the toppings you need to put on your next pizza with chicken:

Buffalo Sauce and Ranch and/or Blue Cheese

That’s right – we’re talking about buffalo chicken pizza!

Why should wings have all the fun? Merge the world’s two greatest party foods together to make a tangy, slightly spicy, and addictive buffalo chicken pizza. Bonus points if you order extra ranch on the side for dipping.


Two different meats on one pizza? Sure, why not? Put crunchy and salty bacon pieces on your next chicken pizza for a textural contrast and flavor explosion.


Roasted garlic is a phenomenal compliment for grilled chicken pieces and gives a distinct kick to every bite.

Bell Peppers

With sliced bell peppers, you can turn your pizza into a quasi-fajita!


Grilled chicken and pesto go together like gin and tonic. Let them work their magic on your pizza, either with sauce or without.

Gorgonzola Cheese

Chicken goes great with mozzarella, but while you’re bucking tradition with your pizza toppings, why not try something new?

Gorgonzola, a close cousin of the standard-issue blue cheese we all know and love, can bring a salty punch and unique zest to your pizza.

In fact, any cheese that you typically pair with chicken can enhance or stand in for mozzarella. Provolone, cheddar, ricotta, and asiago are all great calls for your next order of pizza with chicken.

— Zach Links is an L.A.-based sports journalist who is equally concerned with the outcome of the game and what he’ll be eating at halftime. In addition to serving as a staff writer for The Sauce, he’s also the lead writer and editor of You can follow him on Twitter @ZachLinks and on Instagram @FatZachLinks.

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