Why Ordering Pizza is Always Better Than Making Your Own

Everyone has at least entertained the idea of making their own pizza, and most who try are left frustrated and unsatisfied.

On the surface, a DIY pie doesn’t seem all that complicated. After all, it’s just dough, sauce, cheese, and toppings, what could go wrong?

The answer to that seemingly rhetorical question is – everything. Pizza making is an art and, frankly, it’s best left to the professionals for a number of reasons.

Making your own pizza is an absolute mess.

Kneading, flattening, and spinning pizza dough seems like a lot of fun, but the cleanup is an absolute nightmare. By making your own dough from scratch, you’re practically asking for coagulated egg goo on the countertop and flour particles that will remain on the the floor for weeks after your pizza has been consumed.

It’s cheaper to order a pie than to make your own.  

To make your own pizza from scratch, you’ll need a quality bag of flour, eggs, tomatoes, onions, and cheese. And that’s just the beginning of the grocery list. Factor in your toppings of choice plus accoutrements such as fresh basil, and you’re already in the red – and we’re not talking about the sauce.

Things get even more costly when breaking down the cost of the equipment that you’ll need to make your own pie. Anyone who has scrolled through a wedding registry knows that pizza stones, pizza wheels, and pans aren’t cheap.

Your oven is all wrong.

Want to make a mouthwatering Neapolitan pizza at home? Bad news – Neapolitan pies are typically baked at temperatures ranging from 800° all the way up to 1000°. Meanwhile, without the fuel of coal or wood, household ovens tend to top out around around 500° degrees.

The 500° max of a home oven is still shy of the ~600° mark that New York pizzerias use to make their thin-crust 18-inch pies, so these classic styles and others are more or less unachievable in the standard kitchen.

Time is money.

Even with the aid of shortcuts, the active cooking time (the amount of time you spend busting your butt in the kitchen) of pizza is no less than 45 minutes. If you want your pizza done right with a proper homemade sauce, you’re looking at hours on your feet.

The total cooking time of a pizza, in a best-case scenario, is just shy of two hours. But, if you you want a flavorful crust with the right chew/crust ratio, you’ll have to do a cold fermentation of your dough, which requires it to be chilled overnight in the refrigerator. That means you’ll have to kickstart the cooking process way in advance, which will only lead to feeling hangry.   

Needless to say, one-click ordering is the way to go when it comes to pizza. Homemade pies can’t top the freshness and deliciousness of local mom-and-pop pizzas, which is why Slice was invented. We implore you to save yourself the hassle of cooking and the disappointment of an inferior pie by ordering a pizza for pickup or delivery.

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