4 Ways to Optimize Your Instagram Profile

With the widest demographic across social media users (nearly two-thirds of U.S. adults are on Facebook!), it’s crucial that your page stands out from the competition. Here are some easy tips to get your Facebook listing in tip-top shape:

1. Claim your URL

While sites like Twitter and Instagram automagically set up your profile URL to match your handle (like, Facebook requires one extra step. Follow these instructions to choose something short and easy for customers to remember, like


2. Clarify business info

People may follow you on Facebook for tantalizing pizza pics, but what they really want is your business on speed dial. In the “About” section of your page, be sure your business hours, address, and phone number are updated frequently. With 15 billion mobile daily active users, you’ll want your Facebook page primed for customers whenever a craving strikes. See the “Add Basic Info” section of Facebook’s Help Center for more detailed instructions.


3. Add a CTA Button

Speaking of mobile users, you can take your Facebook page to the next level with a call-to-action button — that way, they can just press it on Facebook to call you or place an order! Click “Add a Button” below your cover photo on your page and choose what action you’d like your customers to take. You can read more about your options here!


4.Update your profile pic and cover photo

The two most-visible elements of a Facebook account are your name and your profile picture. To make things as clear as possible for your customers, go with a profile image that shows your logo clearly, even at a small size. You may need to include an image without text, but don’t worry — your business name is tagged to every action on Facebook, so customers won’t be confused about who you are online.

Your cover photo can be more creative, and you can update it every few months with a new seasonal image to showcase specials, new menu items, etc. If you have questions about sizes, consult this handy guide from Sprout Social.


— Kayla Moses

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