5 Hallmark Christmas Movie and Pizza Pairings

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! No, we’re not talking about the holidays and spending time with your family, although that’s nice, too. We’re talking about Hallmark Christmas movie season. Hallmark Christmas movies are sappy and predictable and mostly star Canadians who are only sort of hot, and they are the perfect accompaniment to an evening spent inside with a pizza. This year, Hallmark has produced more than 20 new Christmas movies for our viewing pleasure. So, we’re here to help you – what kind of pizza will pair best with some of these instant classics?

Christmas in Love

This movie hits all of the Hallmark movie tropes, hard. A whimsical crafter who works in a bakery falls for the big city CEO who comes to town to modernize the bakery’s processes. Will she teach him the magic of Christmas and open his heart to love? Obviously, yes. This movie should be paired with a cheese pizza – it’s classic and corny.

Last Vermont Christmas

A widowed mother returns home to Vermont for Christmas to see her two sisters and learns that her parents are planning to sell their childhood home. This will be their last Christmas in the house. But gasp! The buyer is none other than her childhood sweetheart. Vermont is snowy and cold, a real winter wonderland. You’re going to need a hearty, spicy pizza to stay warm, like pepperoni and jalapeno. The combination will light warm you up like a night in front of a ski lodge fireplace while you watch a widowed mother learn to love again.

Christmas at the Palace

Many of the best Hallmark Christmas movies involve royalty. In Christmas at the Palace, a former figure skater is hired by a king to produce a Christmas ice skating show for his daughter (as one does). Of course, she and the king fall in love and hijinks ensue – she’s a commoner! Gasp! A fairy tale needs an equally whimsical pizza to go along with it, so how about pineapple and tomato? A little bit sweet, a little bit quirky, and very satisfying.

A Shoe Addict’s Christmas

When a materialistic woman gets locked in a department store overnight, she is visited by the ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future and learns about the true meaning of the holidays. Start with a big salad, kale or otherwise, and switch to a decadent deep dish pizza once our heroine begins to learn her lesson: life is short – eat pizza!

Once Upon a Christmas Miracle

Based on a true story, this movie follows Heather, a woman who only has a few months left to live unless she gets a liver transplant. Chris, a selfless stranger, discovers that he is a perfect match and saves her life. Over the course of the three Christmases that follow, they become friends and fall in love. In honor of this movie, selflessly let your friends choose the pizza order – it’s the least you can do.

— Alyssa Morris

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