What Are Pizza Pinwheels?

Pizza pinwheels are often found next to sliced pies on the counter and further down the menu under “sides.” Their placement in the pizza hierarchy means that they’re sometimes overlooked, but they shouldn’t be. For us, pizza pinwheels are a must order every time.

Here’s why you should give them serious consideration for your next Slice order:

So, what are pizza pinwheels exactly?
Pizza pinwheels feature all of the wonderful attributes of a great pie – sauce, cheese, and toppings – but in a spherical shape.

Pinwheels begin their journey in similar fashion to a pie with a layer of dough topped by sauce, cheese, and toppings (or, in this case, fillings) before being rolled into a pizza burrito of sorts. Just as a caterpillar turns into a butterfly, this is simply a state of transition. The rolled up pizza is sliced into individual wheels before baking in the oven.

With pinwheels, the filling possibilities are endless. You’ll often find a mix of pizza standards such as pepperoni, sausage, mozzarella, and mushrooms, but many pizzerias like to get creative with adds such as chicken, spinach, thinly-sliced steak, and more.

What makes pizza pinwheels so awesome?
Well, for starters, just look at them! Who doesn’t want savory pizza in pseudo cinnamon roll form?

Besides that, pizza pinwheels are a crust-lovers dream. Do you seek out the crunchy edges of a slice’s cornicione? With a pinwheel, your entire meal is covered in perfectly baked pizza bread.

And, as an added bonus, pinwheels are arguably even more suited for on-the-go snacking than the standard slice. No need to fold or condense your pinwheel – anyone can grip a pizza sphere as easily as LeBron James can palm a basketball.

Are pizza pinwheels the same as pizza rolls?
In many cases, you’ll see pizza pinwheels referred to as “pizza rolls,” though that term is sometimes used to describe commercially-produced TV dinners masquerading as real pizza. In short, you’ll usually get a pizza pinwheel if you request a pizza roll at your local parlor, but beware when trotting down the frozen aisle of your local supermarket.

You may also encounter the term “rotolo” when seeking out your next pizza pinwheel. Rotolos are essentially the same thing, except taller and fatter, which just means more deliciousness for you.

Where can I get a pizza pinwheel near me?
Check out the Slice app to find pizza pinwheels for pickup or delivery near you!

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