What’s the Largest Pizza Ever Made?

What kind of pizza do you think about when you daydream about gigantic pie? Perhaps it’s a classic 18-inch New York pizza, a DC Jumbo Style pie comprised of 32-inch slices, or a rectangular tray of Detroit-style pizza that is big enough to swallow up a table for two.

All of those pies are forces to be reckoned with, but they are merely a grain of parmesan in comparison to the world’s largest pizza in recorded history. In 2012, Italian chefs created a pie that stretches 13,580.28 squared feet, placing it atop the annals of pizza history.

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was this astonishing pizza. It took 48 continuous hours and five expert chefs to construct the world’s greatest monument to the world’s greatest food. The chefs, led by event creator Dovilio Nardi, dubbed their creation “Ottavia,” an homage to Rome’s first emperor Octavian Augustus. Just as Augustus set out to revolutionize an empire, Nardi & Co. endeavored to redefine the term “large pizza.”

To make the pizza, the quintet of cooks used an eye-popping 1,500 pounds of margarine, 550 pounds of salt, 400-plus pounds of vegetable oil and roughly 50 pounds of balsamic vinegar. And, as if creating a warehouse-sized pizza wasn’t difficult enough, the chefs upped the ante by making the pizza entirely gluten-free to promote the treatment of Celiac disease.

These Italian chefs dared to dream big and spread positivity in equal measure with their sauce and cheese. Those in attendance at the event could only put a small dent in the pie, so the remainder was donated to local food shelters in Rome. This record-smasher truly was a life-changing pizza in more ways than one.

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