A Case for Cold Pizza

Everyone loves a hot and fresh pizza straight out of the oven, but cold pizza is severely underappreciated. 

We know – it’s an outrage. But, please, keep your chill. We’re here to make the case for cold pizza with some hot takes:  

Cold pizza is the perfect breakfast.

Forget cereal, pancakes, eggs, french toast, and bagels. This is a fact: there is no better breakfast on the planet than cold pizza.

It’s not just more delicious than the other breakfast standards – it’s actually healthier than most

“Pizza can actually be a more nutritionally balanced breakfast choice, compared to a lot of sugary breakfast cereals and pastries that are out there,” virtual dietician Chelsey Amer told us recently. “So it can actually leave you with more sustainable energy for a longer period of time because you’re not going to have that immediate sugar crash in an hour.”

A slice of pizza offers a more balanced mix of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins than a bowl of cereal of a sugary pastry. So, please, for the sake of your health, consider that cold slice for your most important meal.

Cold pizza is the ultimate in convenience.

There are tons of inventive ways to enjoy your leftover pizza, but it doesn’t get easier than opening up the fridge and grabbing a cold slice.

Sure, you could reheat your pizza via skillet, oven, or microwave, but why bother when you can skip the extra steps and start snacking immediately?

Cold pizza can be better than hot pizza. 

Find yourself reaching for a cold salad over a hot meal on a balmy summer day? Salads are great and all, but it won’t hit the spot like a cold slice of pizza.

Cold pizza: not just leftovers

Don’t want to wait until the morning after to enjoy your cold pizza? We have a solution.

Many pizzerias in Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia serve Ohio-Valley style pizza, which is made by adding cold cheese and toppings to the pie after it’s baked in the oven. With this method, the accoutrements are warmed just slightly, leaving a room temperature-to-cold of cheese, meats, and veggies. 

We rest our case.

Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve proven the excellence of cold pizza, beyond a shadow of a doubt. But, if you’ve got something to add to our closing arguments, let us know on Twitter or Instagram.

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