Amazing Pizza-Themed Costumes For Halloween 2019

Don’t just be scary, or sexy, for Halloween – be saucy.

Here’s how you can be the talk of the party as you show off your love of pizza:

Pepperoni Pizza Suit

Halloween Suit Pepperoni Pizza Costume

“So, what is your costume supposed to be, exactly?”

Does it matter? Look at this thing!

Added bonus – you now have a go-to suit for weddings, bar-mitzvahs, court appearances, and funerals. That’s what we call value.

Giant Pizza Slice Costume

PIzza Slice Costume Mascot Halloween

Good thing this enormous pizza slice Halloween costume has oversized hands, because you’ll be getting nothing but High 5s all night.

This costume retails in the ~$200 range, but, if you ask us, it’s well worth it. Just don’t ask us how you see out of this thing.

Pizza Chef Costume

Forget Batman, Superman, and the rest of the Jokers at the party – you’re a real hero. You’re a local pizza chef.

Start with a custom-made embroidered chef’s hat – monogrammed with your name, or the name of your fave shop.

Then, add a rolling pin and a white apron and you’re halfway home. We say halfway, because you’re going to want to stain your apron for authenticity. Two options on that front – use “zombie blood” to recreate sauce spots or make your apron messy the fun way by pregaming with pizza.

You already know what the right move is.

Futurama’s Phillip J. Fry Costume

Futurama Costume Fry Halloween

If you don’t do DIY, don’t fret – this is a last-minute costume for Halloween that requires zero effort on your part. Phillip J. Fry – who delivered pizzas for Panucci’s 1,000 years before joining Planet Express – would be proud.

Better yet – dress as Zoidberg – who went down in history as the last man crustacean-like species of alien on Earth to ever bite into an anchovy pizza.

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