The Best Low Calorie Pizza Toppings

Are you trying to balance your desire for a healthier lifestyle with your love of pizza? Well, we have good news.  

First, pizza is more nutritional than you might think.

And, secondly, there are tons of amazing low calorie pizza toppings out there to keep you satisfied at the dining room table and on the scale.

These are the best low calorie pizza toppings for your next pie:


Rainbow Cauliflower Pizza
Taste the rainbow with a colorful cauliflower pizza

An entire medium head of cauliflower has just 146 calories, which could mean less than 20 calories per slice!

Its high fiber content also results a low net carbohydrate count – that medium head of crunchy goodness has an already low 29 grams of carbs, but its 12 grams of fiber results in just 17 effective grams.


Spinach pizza, Popeye approved

With just seven calories in a one-cup serving, there’s room for spinach in every diet imaginable.  And, more importantly, it’s an extremely delicious choice for your pizza.

With just a bit of olive oil and garlic, spinach goes from just another vegetable to a taste sensation for your pizza. You’ll often find spinach on the menu as a part of a white pizza, but spinach-topped red pies are a fantastic option for sauce-lovers.


Did you know that one cup of asparagus has just 27 calories? And, that’s not all – with both soluble and insoluble fiber, it’s a tremendous natural aid for weight loss.

With asparagus pizza, these spears are no longer a side – they’re the star of the show. We’re partial to shaved pieces of asparagus on pizza for even cooking, but whole asparagus spears and diced asparagus are just as tasty. 

Some pizzaiolos also use a bit of fresh squeezed lemon on top of the pizza and, when that happens, you’ll completely forget that you’re eating a low-calorie treat.

Extra Tomato Sauce

It may not be a common request, but you can tack on extra tomato sauce as your pizza topping! For sauce lovers and dieters alike, this is an absolute godsend. 

The caloric content of pizza sauce, naturally, will vary, depending on the recipe, but it should clock in at no more than 80 calories per cup. 

Grilled Chicken

Grilled chicken and spinach on pizza? Yes, please.

White meat chicken is low-cal, in the right measure, and also adds a healthy dose of protein to your pizza.

Craving a buffalo chicken pizza while you’re on your diet? Here’s a clever workaround – order a pizza with grilled chicken breast strips as a topping and dunk your slices in a low/no-fat buffalo sauce.

Getting fried chicken or ranch dressing on your pizza would probably be optimal, but that would also jack up the calorie count. Instead, use this DIY hack for a delicious pizza that will tackle your cravings.

Turkey Pepperoni

Can’t fit regular pepperoni into your diet? No worries!

Turkey pepperoni has about 70 calories per ounce, which is roughly half of regular pork-based pepperoni. Made with the same spice blend as the standard stuff (paprika, black pepper, garlic, mustard seed, fennel seed, crushed red pepper, and love), you’ll be just as happy with turkey pepperoni on your plate.

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