Bitcoin Pizza Day: What is it and How Pizza Delivery was Involved?

As a Slice connoisseur, you already know there’s a host of cheesy holidays on the calendar. From National Cheese Lover’s Day to National Pizza Month, you’ve always got an excuse to party with your favorite food. But, have you ever heard of Bitcoin Pizza Day?

What Is Bitcoin Pizza Day?

Bitcoin Pizza Day marks the first time Bitcoin was used to pay for consumer goods. In this case, the goods were great. On May 22, 2010, a programmer told his Bitcoin message board that he’d trade 10,000 bitcoins in exchange for two pizzas. 

“I just think it would be interesting if I could say that I paid for a pizza in bitcoins,” he wrote.

When those pies were delivered to his home in Jacksonville, Florida, he made good on his offer. The pizzas were about $25 USD. Meanwhile, the bitcoins were worth less than $.01 per piece.

At least, those were the values at the time. Today, those 10,000 BTC could be worth $550 million or more, depending on the day. That is to say, these were the most expensive pizzas in recorded history.   

When Is Bitcoin Pizza Day? 

Bitcoin Pizza Day is always celebrated on May 22nd. This year, it falls on a Saturday, which is perfect for your pizza party.   

How Do You Celebrate Bitcoin Pizza Day? 

Whether or not you’re into cryptocurrency, there’s only one way to celebrate this momentous occasion. Ordering delicious local pizza for pickup or delivery — at a reasonable, fair market price. 

How Much Pizza Can I Buy with 10,000 Bitcoins? 

First of all, we salute you. Now, let’s say that one bitcoin is worth $55,000 on the day you order, give or take a few thousand. So, 10,000 bitcoins would be equal to $550,000,000.

If we’re just talking $9 plain cheese, your 10K bitcoins would yield more than 61 million pies (~488 million slices). However, if you’re in the mood for pepperoni at ~$12, you’ll see a net return of 45,833,333 pizzas. 

As far as we’re concerned, that’s one heck of a Bitcoin Pizza Day celebration. Your local Slice shop would be happy to cater it too — just be sure to schedule ahead.

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