The Definitive New York City Late Night Pizza Guide

There is never a wrong time for pizza, but the hours during which pizza is most desperately needed are often the most difficult for the tired and hungry New Yorker. If you have ever struggled to find that coveted slice after a late night out with friends, this list is for you!

Where to Find Pizza 2AM or Later

Upper East Side

  1. Original Ray’s Pizza (1827 2nd Ave). Often open as late as 4:30 AM on weekends this offshoot of the elusive original original, is here for you when you need it.
  2. Italian Village Pizza (1494 1st Ave). Stop in on your way home from bar hopping in the village. If you fall asleep in your bed while eating it no worries, it will still taste great in the morning!
  3. Lunetta Pizza (1162 1st Ave) Sporting a surprising variety late into the night, Lunetta’s will keep you fed whether you are getting off a late shift at one of the nearby hospitals or if you’re bouncing between bars in the area. Shout out to all the nurses, doctors, and other hospital workers who keep us healthy at all hours of the night.


Upper West Side

  1. Koronet Pizza (2848 Broadway) This is a New York mainstay, serving the community for decades at all hours of the night. Famous for the giant slices requiring two plates, Koronet will make sure you go to sleep with a full belly.
  2. She She Pizza (961 Columbus Ave) While the slices are the normal size, don’t fret because She She will be feeding you in your hour of need. And these slices are delicious!
  3. Big Nicks (70 W 71st st) The Upper west side is truly an underrated place for classic New York culinary experiences. This writer in particular has fond memories from his youth enjoying many a cheesy slice at Nicks. Stop in late and enjoy they cozy booths, classic décor, and all the pizza you can eat.


Gramercy/Murray Hill

  1. Lunetta Pizza (245 3rd Ave) This local chain seriously provides for the weary New Yorker. Be assured that wherever you go on the east side you will probably find the glow of Lunetta to guide you to pizza.
  2. Rocky’s Pizza (607 2nd ave) Rocky’s is one of my favorite spots above 14th street. Come in here for a brick oven slice at any time of the night.
  3. Libretto’s Pizza (546 3rd Ave) Another great slice joint, come here for their variety and generous portions. If you’re the type to be health conscious, rest assured because they also offer Wheat flour pies.



  1. BLKSQ (44 9th ave) Stop by after enjoying a few cocktails at the nearby hotels for a classy pizza experience, and make sure you try the squid ink pie.
  2. Pizza Italia (307 W 17th) These guys make delicious, gooey pizza. Do not miss out on it, and try the Grandma slice
  3. Highline Pizza (503 W 28th st) This place is a must for the hungry night owl. The slices are hefty, delicious, and creative. So. Much. Cheese.


East Village

  1. Stromboli Pizza (83 St. Marks Place) There are a lot of options for pizza on St. Marks but this is the best one. These guys will be open past 4AM and if you’re out that late you won’t care that the sun is coming, if you’re eating at Stromboli.
  2. Joe’s Pizza (150 E 14th st) I bet you thought I wouldn’t include Joe’s. You have to include Joe’s! These guys are essential to the story of the New York slice joint. Stop in on your way home, and make sure you got the cash ready.
  3. Baker’s Pizza (201 Avenue A) This place is awesome. I would go out of my way to eat pizza here at any time of the night. Try the eggplant slice, it is excellent. They are all excellent.


West Village

  1. Bleeker Street Pizza (69 7th Ave South). I love this pizza place, it is so iconic to me. One of the best slices in the city, and they will deliver to you even though it is 1AM. Only in New York.
  2. Fiore’s (165 Bleecker Street) Another great slice place in the West Village known for their sweeter sauce that is well balanced with a hefty portion of gooey, salty cheese. You’ll be happy you stopped by even if you have to be awake for brunch with your parents at 10AM (how is that a brunch time? I mean, come on).
  3. Percy’s Pizza (190 Bleecker Street) I don’t know if there is a street in the city better for pizza than Bleecker Street. Percy’s is the best $1 slice place in New York. It’s better than most of the regularly priced pizza out there too.  Eat here and feel like a king even though you’re broke.
  4. Joe’s Pizza (7 Carmine Street) I know I know, I put down Joe’s twice, but seriously have you eaten here? It’s one of the best, and even at 4AM you have to pay homage to the masters of the slice.



  1. Champion Pizza (17 Cleveland Place) It’s all in the name. These guys make great pizza, and if you’re in SOHO and it is after 2AM your options are already pretty limited. Don’t walk all the way to the west or east villages, come here and feast!
  2. Prince Street Pizza (27 Prince Street) So I’m stretching late night a little with this one, but I have literally walked down Prince Street when I know it is too late for PSP in the hopes that they decided to keep it open later just once. It’s that good.


Lower East Side

  1. La Margarita (168 Ludlow) There is a lot of good pizza to be found in the area but this is a favorite of mine, and if it is 4AM these guys have got you covered. Go for the titular slice, you will not regret it.
  2. Sauce Pizzeria LES (84 Rivington) You can come here earlier in the evening for a sit-down Italian dinner, and then come back at any hour in the night to stop by their slice counter. This place has seriously amazing sauce, and I have considered just asking for a Styrofoam cup full of the delicious red gravy. Don’t judge until you’ve tried it.
  3. Rosario Pizza ( 173 Orchard St) This is a great classic slice. You can tell these guys have been slinging dough for a long time, so make sure you stop here on your way home from the club. Dancing in a stuffy basement really works up your appetite and Rosario is one of the best ways to end your night.
  4. Saluggi’s East (399 Grand St.) It’s hard to sell me on a sit-down pizza experience when I’ve been out all night and I just want to eat pizza in my bed. It is especially hard if that pizza place is not quite near my train. But Saluggi’s might just blow you away with a classic dining experience into the wee hours of the night.



  1. Retro Pizza (41-02 Broadway) You might not be as familiar with Astoria pizza as you are with their Greek food, but if you are craving a slice after a night at the beer garden, this is the place to be.
  2. Boston Pizza (37-05 Broadway) I know what you’re thinking, but despite the name these guys know pizza. I still hate the Red Sox, but I can put the feud aside in the name of red sauce.
  3. Vidali’s Pizza (31-6 21st St) This place gets a lot of credit for their late-night availability and pizza creativity. Astoria can be tough for the pizza lover. Try the garlic knots, they are delicious!



  1. Williamsburg Pizza (265 Union Ave) So much can and has been said about Williamsburg pizza, but if this is still a strange and wild land to you, dear Manhattanite, do yourself a favor and make this a destination.
  2. Ana Maria Pizza (179 Bedford Ave) Finish your night checking out the local Discoteca with a slice from Ana Maria. This tiny shop is a powerhouse of the local 4AM food scene.
  3. Vinnie’s Pizza (148 Bedford Ave) This exotic slice joint makes a pizza with garlic knot crust, is ninja turtles themed, and even has options for your vegan friend. I know you have at least one, and they’ve probably been asking you to come here anyway.



  1. Pizza Party (254 Irving Ave) It’s all in the name. This is both a great bar and a great pizza place, Balloons and party hats are unfortunately not provided.
  2. Archie’s Bar and Pizza (128 Central Ave) Like Pizza Party, this is a great place to hang out and get a drink with your pizza. It’s also 80s themed! Cowabunga dude.
  3. Artichoke Pizza (18 Wyckoff Ave) Up to this point, you have probably been wondering why Artichoke is missing from the list. That is because this is both the best Artichoke and the best late night pizza place in it’s neighborhood. This Artichoke has a bar and usually a DJ. You can do shots and dance while you wait for your pizza. It’s perfect.


Park Slope/Gowanus

  1. American Cheez (444 7th Ave) This one is a destination on its own. It’s a super fun bar, with great drinks, great pizza, and great prices.
  2. Smiling Pizzeria (323 7th Ave) In a neighborhood that can be tough for 2AM bites, this place really stands out. Come here after the bars close down and grab a classic brick oven slice.