Find Your Blind Spots Online: Are You Missing Opportunities on Social for Increasing Orders?

Whether it’s for date night or just because the fridge is empty, more and more consumers are turning to their phones for a quick answer to their rumbling stomachs: delivery from their favorite restaurant. Restaurant Business Magazine writes that food delivery is expected to experience an annual growth of 12% through 2023, and that’s on top of the 86% of consumers already ordering in once a month.

In the pizza industry, these numbers are even more inflated: Domino’s and Papa John’s offer 10 different ways to order online, and over 60% of their orders come through these channels.

With stats like these, it’s never been more important to have your web presence optimized for new and repeat business. Here are a few of the most common ways independent shops forget to “clean up” their social media presence — don’t let any of these mistakes keep you from earning a new customer!

Of the one billion people who use Facebook, over 75% of them are on a mobile device. If they turn to your Facebook page to learn more about your business, are you primed for an order?

  • Not leading with strong, branded imagery
    Your cover photo, albums, and posts on your feed should all feature well-lit, professional photos of your menu items, “your” being the operative word. Many business owners resort to using stock photography, which online-savvy consumers can spot a mile away. Millennials prize authenticity, so your imagery should be a realistic representation of your product and location.
  • Forgetting to add a link to your menu
    We’re betting when you set up your Facebook page, you probably remembered to add a link to your website, right? But there’s a second location to add info about your business that’s not quite as obvious. Below your profile photo, select “About” and scroll until you pass “More Info.” In this section, you’ll see an option to link directly to your menu — this way customers can easily order online!

Maybe it’s the character limit. Maybe it’s the conversational nature of the platform. Maybe it’s just that people like complaining on Twitter. Either way, your customers are there and probably talking about you. Are you listening?

  • Not responding to questions and complaints
    Sprout Social reports that 60% of Twitter users expect a reply to a question or comment to a business within an hour. Responding to feedback quickly can save a customer after a bad experience and also reflect the kind of genuine customer service you’d expect your waitstaff to deliver to any patron dining in.

Pacing to hit 1 billion users by the end of this year, Instagram is definitely the social media network with the greatest potential for small businesses. Don’t forget these crucial changes to make the most of the platform:

  • Tagged photos better than biz photos
    Have you ever wondered why influencer accounts are so popular? One of the main reasons is consistency and visual curation. You’d never see a photo that looks low-quality in their feed, and definitely not a shot that’s outright unflattering. You should approach your feed on IG with the same critical eye. If photos you’re tagged in — i.e. the ones your customers are taking for you — are better than the photos you’ve taken yourself, it’s time to invest in professional photography.
  • Failing to set up an IG Business account
    Switching over from a Personal to a Business Account is a game-changer. Not only do you unlock analytics data about post performance, you gain the ability to include location, business hours, and a phone number on your profile. The more visibility you can give potential business, the better.

How Slice Can Help

All of these suggestions can make a huge impact for your business, and partnering with Slice can ensure your customers have a flawless ordering experience. Professional photos, an easy-access menu, and consistent branding make Slice an all-in-one solution for an optimized web presence that will also help grow your social strategy.

To learn more about how we help over 10,000 pizzerias grow their businesses year over year, click here.

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