Cool Pizza Gadgets

So, you think you’ve become a pizza expert. You order from the best local pizzerias, you’re on a first name basis with the delivery drivers, you know the difference between New York style pizza and Chicago style pizza. But are you a true pizza geek? Do you have the tools it takes to make your kitchen a pizza destination? We’re here to help. Behold, a list of the best pizza gadgets to step up your pizza game, no tricks required. 

Novelty Pizza Cutters

A pizza cutter shaped like an axe on the left with a lumberjack on the right.

A Pizza Axe

Ever wanted to feel as powerful as Paul Bunyan, as skilled as a lumberjack? Buy this axe-shaped pizza cutter and chop away. 

Pizza being sliced by a pizza cutter shaped like a guitar.

A Pizza Ax (Guitar)

Or, try a different kind of ax. Wail away on your pizza with this guitar-shaped cutter. You’ll be a rockstar of the kitchen. Or a pizza geek. One or the other. 

Pizza Scissors

Prefer authenticity to novelty? Try pizza scissors. Cut your pizza the Italian way. Make your slices as big or as little as you want. 

Pizza Wheel

Finally, if you’re looking for precision in your kitchen, try this stainless steel pizza wheel. With a 4.7 star rating and almost 1000 reviews on Amazon, it’s a winner. 

Pizza Transportation 

Three rotating images of a pizza box that folds into a plate and carrier.

Green Box

As seen on Shark Tank, every gadget lover’s favorite show, Green Box is a reconfigurable take on the traditional cardboard pizza box. The box, designed to reduce waste in food packaging, can become plates and size down to fit the amount of pizza being taken out. While this isn’t exactly a gadget for your personal kitchen, tell your local pizzeria about Green Box. 

Insulated Pizza Bag

Making your own pizza deliveries to parties or parks? Get your own insulated pizza bag. You’ll keep your food hot and fresh while looking official. 


A circular steal oven that rotates.

Presto Pizzazz Plus Rotating Oven

Is this the holy grail of pizza gadgets? For only $50, you can buy a countertop rotating pizza oven. Step up your reheating game with the Presto pizzazz. Instead of soggy, microwaved pizza, you’ll have a crisp crust and melty cheese. 

Pizza Crisper Pan

Looking for something a little less complicated than an entire oven? Try reheating your pizza in a crisper pan. The holes on the bottom allow heat to reach the crust, giving you the crunch your pizza deserves. Extend the life of your pizza delivery with this affordable tool. 

— Alyssa Morris

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