Easy Ways to Get Your Customers to Post About Your Pizza on Social Media

So, you already know how to post about your own pizza, but we all know word of mouth is the most powerful form of marketing. Here’s a few tips to make it extra-easy (and appealing) for your customers to post about your pizza restaurant on their own social accounts.

Make it Photo-Friendly

For the customers who come into your pizzeria, set up attractive, photographable spots. Whether it’s adding some potted plants to your tables or a few funny stickers and framed images on your walls or counters, making your pizzeria memorable is the key to getting photos taken in it.

Get Creative with Your Packaging

For delivery or takeout customers, creative packaging can also go a long way, and it doesn’t just have to be custom boxes with your logo on it. (Though those help!  We’re big fans of Scott’s Pizza Tours’ collection of creative pizza boxes for inspiration.) Following through on seemingly-silly special requests like “Draw a dinosaur on the box,” can also result on some social media love as well.

Tell Your Customers Where to Find You

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Make sure your social media labels are visible on your menus, the pizza box, or your napkins, and that your location is registered on Instagram locations. (For more information on how to set up a new location, Instagram has instructions.) When your customers post a photo, their friends will definitely want to know where to get that delicious pie.


When you see great posts, share ‘em! Not only will this save you from having to create your own content (when you’d probably rather focus on other aspects of your business), but people love to know their post was appreciated. It’s usually a good idea to comment on the original photo and ask permission to repost, though. And apps like Repost are great for easily adding the original photographer’s Instagram handle right on the image.


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If you’ve been tagged in a comment or photo, don’t ignore it! Customer service these days extends to the online realm, and whether it’s a complaint or praise, letting your customers know they were heard and that you care is important. Even something as simple as a “Glad you enjoyed it! Hope to see you again soon!” or a “We’re sorry to hear this, and would like to make it right. We’ve direct messaged you with more information.” can go a long way. After all, people love sharing their unique experiences with businesses with their friends.


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