Having An Office Party? These 5 Pizzas are Sure to Fuel and Fire up your Employees.

Aside from some extra paid vacation days and increased pay, there’s no better way to show employees your appreciation than by filling their stomachs with a complimentary (and tasty) meal to help them power through the long work day.

And when it comes to company lunches, we all know pizza reigns supreme — and it’s easy to see why. The crowd-pleasing dish is universally liked and a few slices can easily boost employee morale. Ordering a half a dozen or so pies for lunch to show your staff members some gratitude is an easy decision to make.

But a decision that’s not so easy is choosing the varieties of pizza that will placate all of your employees’ taste buds. Complicating matters is the abundance of allergies and dietary restrictions that individuals adhere to today.

To help ease the decision-making process, we’ve compiled the top five pizza varieties that are guaranteed to satiate your employees’ hunger and cater to all individual culinary preferences at your company’s lunch or corporate get-together. Next time you plan a pizza party in the workplace, be sure to incorporate these five varieties to ensure all employees are well-fed.

1. Classic Cheese

The popular adage “sometimes less is more” rings true when it comes to a slice of cheese pizza. The no-frills and tried-and-tested pie appeals to the vast majority of folks and is the perfect option for picky eaters who don’t like their slice weighed heavily down by too many garnishes. It’s for good reason that a regular cheese slice is among the most popular pizza varieties in the U.S. The exclusion of this pie from your corporate lunch would be an epic (pizza) party fail.

2. Pepperoni and Sausage

Sure, you could order just a pepperoni pizza or a sausage pizza – but why not live on the wild side and order a pie with two of the most classic meat accoutrements? A good option for your office’s self-proclaimed meat lovers, a pepperoni and sausage pizza is a go-to combo and will satiate the cravings of your workplace’s carnivores. The spiciness of the meat also makes for a mouth-watering dish and provides the added kick a worker may need to continue throughout their day.


3. Vegetable

For the vegetarians and the more health-conscious bunch at the office, a hearty slice of veggie pizza will quench their hankering for an extra boost of nutritional value. A veggie pie is the perfect option for those meat abstainers who don’t want to be relegated (as they usually are) to just the cheese pizza.

4. Gluten-Free Classic Cheese

Americans are increasingly reporting gluten sensitivities to their doctors and it’s likely that one of your workers is among them. If you know a few employees are intolerant of the protein found in wheat, then it would be a kind gesture to order a gluten-free pie and show them that you care about their gut and physical wellbeing. Whether or not they have adverse reactions to gluten, more and more Americans are seeking to cut gluten out of their diet, and it’s likely your local  pizzeria will have an option for those customers.

5.  The “Wild Card” Pizza

Whether it’s a ziti pizza or a garden salad pizza, throwing a “wild card” pie into the mix is always a good option. The key to choosing this variety is to ensure that it’s wildly different from the other pies and brings intrigue to the office lunch. The “wild card” pizza shouldn’t be a well-known variety such as a Hawaiian pizza. Rather, think outside the box with tantalizing options like Philadelphia cheesesteak, mac and cheese, or Mexican pizzas. The “wild card” injects some added excitement into the pizza party, allows employees to experiment with a new dish and shows employees that your willing to test out new things.

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