The Top 21 Fantasy Football Team Names To Celebrate Your Love of Pizza

Thanks to parity and injuries, the NFL can be hard to predict. You may or may not win your fantasy football league, but these team names will guarantee that everyone knows you’re legit and serious about your pizza.

21. Roughing the Pizza

20. Neopoli-Tom Brady

Tom Brady Fantasy Football Team Name

19. Derek Carr-Bonara

18. Sicilian-Tonio Brown

17. All You Can Ito

16. Cooper Crust  

Copper Kupp Fantasy Football

15. Pizza Baker Mayfield

14. Drew Cheese

Drew Brees Fantasy Football

13. Bend it Like Beckham Jr.

12. Terrell’s Owin Some Pizza Money

11. Thielen Like A Pie

10. Mahomes Cookin’ 

Mahomes Cookin Fantasy Football

9. Easy Drake Pizza Oven

8. Mixon In The Kitchen

7. All That I Snead Is Pepperoni

6. Pepperoni Johnson

5. Saquon The Pizza Chef

4. Murray Up With My Pizza

3. Zeke and Destroy Pizza

2. No Pizza, Wentz? That Ertz

1. $3 Goff Your First Order

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