Great Feats of Pizza: The Focaccia Di Recco

Presenting our latest feat – the Focaccia Di Recco from New York City’s Kesté. Believe it or not, this incredible a-cheese-ment has more dairy per square inch than Green Bay. It also measures in at a whopping 25 inches in circumference. 

Focaccia di Recco Cheese

Focaccia Di Recco| Kesté

The standard New York-style pizza dwarfs many other pies and drops jaws with an average crustspan of 18 inches. Meanwhile, Roberto Caporuscio, the pizza virtuoso behind New York’s Kesté, drops his jaw only to laugh at the city standard.

Kesté serves head-turning pies of all sizes, but their latest offering might be their most stunning yet. We’re talking about the Focaccia Di Recco – a 25-inch marvel positively packed with cheesy goodness from edge to edge.

With all due respect to mozzarella, the cheese here is anything but ordinary. Kesté employs Bel Gioioso’s Crescenza-Stracchino, a fresh rindless cheese aged to acquire tang, tenderness, and milky perfection. This isn’t your momma’s Focaccia, either. Each bread layer is nearly paper thin, creating an exceptionally soft vessel for its exceptionally decadent filling.

BelGioioso Crescenza Stracchino Cheese

In Kesté’s pizza cathedral, Caporuscio’s team blends water, salt, EVOO, and ultra-fine Caputo Nuvola (“Cloud”) Super flour. The end result? The lightest crust known to man. Fermentation be damned – Caporuscio’s scientific method for the FDR keeps things simple. And perfect.

“First, we stretch the dough with a rolling pin. Then, more flour. That’s how it gets so thin,” Kesté’s owner and head chef explained. “Then, we put it inside of the pan. Next, the Crescenza-Stracchino. Finally, that gets topped by the next layer of dough.”

Roberto Caporuscio Keste

First, they puncture the upper layer with holes for proper ventilation and maximum meltyness. Then, it goes into the oven at 500-600 degrees. By Italian pizza standards, this is low-and-slow. Most pies at Kesté are baked at nearly 900 degrees, with only 90 seconds to cook.

Baking Focaccia di Recco

The end result is, in a word, glorious. The Focaccia Di Recco emerges from the oven as a giant buttery disc that could double as a Flat Earther’s diorama of Mercury. The magic doesn’t stop there, either. The 25-inch version of the pie can feed up to seven people, but a determined table of four will make it disappear before your very eyes.

Slicing Focaccia di Recco
Melted Focaccia di Recco Cheese

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