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Dear Pizza Eaters,

We make ordering as easy as pie, but, sometimes, eating pizza with friends and family results in some tough choices. 

Don’t worry, “Hey Slice” is here to deliver answers to all of your most pressing etiquette queries and concerns. Send us your questions and our pizza experts will deliver the advice and guidance you need on touchy topics such as:

  • What toppings should I get for the vegetarians in my group?
  • Does leftover pizza need to be refrigerated?
  • How many slices can I hoard at the company lunch?
  • Is it ever OK to eat pizza with a fork and knife? 
  • Which soda pairs best with pepperoni?
  • Should I cater my wedding exclusively with pizza?
  • Which style of pizza should I order for my niece’s communion?
  • Funeral pizza – yay or nay?

Submit your question today to get the pizza advice you need

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