Why You Should Eat Pizza For Brunch

Eggs Benedict. Chicken and waffles. Avocado toast. Frittatas. Burgers.

Those are all OK choices for brunch, but they’re not the best

Here’s why you should eat pizza for brunch this weekend:

Pizza is a guaranteed crowd pleaser.

Can’t get everyone to agree on which brunch spot to go to? We guarantee you’ll reach a consensus immediately after you suggest pizza for brunch in your group text.

Burger joints won’t offer a ton of great options for vegetarians and the picky eaters in your group won’t want to try that new-age hipstery spot in your neighborhood. Sometimes, planning brunch feels like herding cats, but pizza will quickly get everyone on the same page.

Pizza should be your first meal after a night out.

We’ve all heard the old wives tales about the things that allegedly wipe away hangovers, but nothing will cure what ails you like a pizza.

Does grease really soak up alcohol? There might not be science to back up that old axiom, but there’s plenty of real world experience to support it. 

Want to start your day off right? Get pizza for brunch…and maybe some hair of the dog that bit you.

Pizza is great for any meal.

For far too long, pizza has been pigeonholed as the best possible lunch or dinner. That’s all true, but pizza contains multitudes. 

Don’t box pizza in. Buck convention and order pizza for brunch.

Need some brunch pizza ideas?

Order up one of these fantastic pizzas for brunch:

Plain Pizza with Basil
The Plain Jane: Nothing wrong with the classic. You can go ahead and get a plain thin-crust pizza, but punch it up with mozzarella sticks and other sides for your squad.
Brunch Pizza with ricotta eggs
Put An Egg On It: More and more pizzerias offer fried eggs in their list of pizza toppings, making it a perfect brunch. If they don’t offer it at your local slice joint, DIY it!
Bacon Pizza with Egg
Bacon Pizza: It’s not a proper brunch without bacon, so put it on top of your pie.
Brunch Pizza with Coffee
Keeping It Light: If you went hard last night, you can keep it light with fresh veggies on top of your pie.
Brunch Pizza with Figs
Cheese Board On A Pizza: Goat cheese and figs need not be limited to your cheese board. Order a pizza for brunch with sweet figs, salty goat cheese, caramelized onions, and arugula.

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