How to use Instagram’s Food Ordering to drive your shop’s sales

Want to enable Instagram Food Ordering? It’s easy!

How to Take Food Orders On Instagram 

1. Check to See if You Have an Instagram Business or Creator Account

🍕If you’re not already designated as a business account on Instagram, click here.

🍕 Don’t have an Instagram account for your shop? Create one today!

2. Copy the URL for Your Slice Menu Page

🍕Questions? Ask your dedicated Account Manager at Slice.

3. Open Instagram

🍕 Tap “Edit Profile” > “Edit Bio”

🍕 Under “Public Business Information”, tap “Action Buttons”.

🍕Under “Select a Button,” choose “Order Food”.

🍕Select Slice as your partner

🍕 Paste the link. Tap “Done” (iOS) or “” (Android).

4. Get Ready for Even More Orders Through Slice

🍕 You’ll receive all of your Instagram food orders via your tablet, just like always. 

What is Instagram Food Ordering?     

Slice has partnered with Instagram to increase orders for 17,000+ local pizzerias nationwide. As a result, Slice shops have access to fresh features, like ordering Stickers in Stories.   

When you link to your Slice menu, customers go straight from checking out pizza to checkout. Meanwhile, we’ve got even more exciting partnerships in the oven to help you win customers and score sales across the web.       

Instagram Ordering and Slice      

Questions? Your dedicated Account Manager is here to help. Contact your AM today for more ways to drive Slice sales through social media.      

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