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How to use Instagram’s Food Ordering to drive your shop’s sales

We know that shop owners are looking for new ways to feed their loyal customers in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

That’s why Slice has partnered with Instagram on their new Food Ordering feature, making it even easier for communities to support their local shops. This tool is free for any shop with an Instagram business or creator account.      

Now, you can drive more orders via an “Order Food” button on your Instagram profile and food ordering Stickers in Stories. Followers can also re-share those Stories to help increase awareness for hungry new customers in your neighborhood.    

Ready to get started? Follow these simple steps to enable food ordering for your shop on Instagram:

1. Check to see if you have an Instagram business or creator account

🍕 If you’re not already designated as a business account on Instagram, click here   

🍕 Don’t have an Instagram account for your shop? Create one today!   

2. Copy the url for your Slice menu page

🍕 It’s in the email we sent you. You can also copy it directly from your menu page on 

3. Open Instagram

🍕 Tap “Edit Profile” > “Public Business Information” > “Action Buttons”

🍕 Under ”Select a Button” choose “Order Food” and select Slice

🍕 Paste in your Slice menu page link and hit “Done”

4. Promote Instagram food ordering with Stickers in your Instagram Stories

🍕 Create a Story draft with a pic of a delicious dish

🍕 Tap the “Food Orders” Sticker and select Slice 

🍕 Paste in your Slice menu page link and hit “Done”

5. Get ready for even more orders through Slice!

🍕 You’ll receive Instagram orders through Slice, just like always. 

Need Help? Contact your Account Manager.

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