New Year, New Pizza

We’re into the second week of 2019, which means you’ve probably kept most, if not all of your New Year’s Resolutions so far. Congratulations! A clean slate gives us all the chance to strive for better. But this year, we have one specific resolution we are taking issue with: giving up pizza.

Resolving to eat food that makes you feel better is laudable. We all need to check in with our nutritional habits on occasion and make the choices that are right for us. But is pizza really the root of all evil? It’s really just an alchemical combination of bread, tomatoes, and cheese.

Sure, you might be able to stick to your no pizza resolution through January, and maybe even February. But will it really be accomplishing anything? Studies show that the best long-term solutions for healthy eating are those that center around intuitive eating choices or calorie counting. Fad diets and restrictive eating are rarely sustainable.

Besides, 2018 was hard. 2019 is probably going to be hard. Life is hard. Why deny yourself the simple pleasure of warm dough and gooey cheese? In the immortal words of Cheryl Crow, if it makes you happy, it can’t be that bad.

Let’s strive for greatness in 2019, and let’s also remember that greatness can be found in a delicious meal or the perfect crunch of a wood-fired pizza crust. You don’t always have to give things up to improve your life. Let’s resolve to enjoy ourselves.

Here are some alternatives to giving up pizza cold turkey and removing one of the world’s greatest sources of culinary joy from your life:

  • Eat better pizza. Resolve to only order pizza made with good ingredients and produced locally. Support your neighborhood pizza entrepreneurs in the process!
  • Only eat pizza with nutritious toppings. The spectrum of pizza choice is a wide one. Your options are endless. Salad on top of a pizza? Delicious! Farm-to-table root vegetables? Excellent.
  • Eat pizza in moderation. Stuck in a pizza rut, ordering it for dinner twice a week? Cut back. You’ll enjoy the occasions when you do get to eat it that much more.
  • Only eat pizza that you make yourself. Making pizza is satisfying and soothing. Plus, many local pizzerias will sell you pizza dough, making the process that much easier.
  • Resolve to tip your pizza delivery people extremely well. Always.

So, we’re asking you to reconsider your anti-pizza resolution. And if you must give up one food entirely, make it something like cheeseburgers. For all of our sakes.

What’s your pizza resolution?

— Alyssa Morris

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