Where to spend $30 on local pizza in Times Square

Celebrating New Year’s Eve in Times Square is a bucket list item for many (though perhaps not for those actually from New York City). The annual ball drop attracts over 1M tourists and (some) locals alike, who show out to ring in the new year, and perhaps catch a glimpse of Ryan Seacrest through the crowd. 

This year, a Domino’s near Times Square chose to capitalize on the penned-up crowd by hawking pizzas for $30, a 100% markup on their usual price of $14.95. Once word got out, New York City mayor Bill de Blasio was not happy, tweeting that the corporate chain “exploited” the people in Times Square, and recommended that they buy from one of the city’s many local pizzerias instead:

We agree with Bill on this one. New York City is, for many, the “home” of pizza in the United States. The city boasts tens of thousands  of great local shops who make consistently fantastic pizza, and many of them can be found on Slice

There’s no reason to spend $30 on fast food pizza if you’re in Times Square on New Year’s Eve – or any other day, for that matter. Here are just a few of the amazing local pizzerias to choose from in the area:

Joe’s Pizza

That’s right, the world-famous West Village pizzeria also has a location in Times Square! A large cheese pizza (which is much larger – and tastier – than its Domino’s equivalent) will cost you $21, leaving you enough for some soda and a tip.

Luigi’s Gourmet Pizza

Located just a few blocks south of Central Park, Luigi’s Gourmet Pizza delivers to the Times Square Area. A large cheese pizza costs $14.50 so order two and share it with the people around you. Or, order an extra large for $15.75 and tack on some garlic bread and mozzarella sticks. 

Justino’s Pizza

Straddling the border of the Hell’s Kitchen and Lincoln Square neighborhoods, Justino’s Pizza delivers to the top end of Times Square, above 46th Street. A large cheese pizza costs $15 so, again, order two and share it with your new-found reveler friends.

Don Antonio Restaurant

Don Antonio’s of Hell’s Kitchen is a go-to spot for some great gourmet personal pizzas, and they deliver to Times Square. If you’re looking for some pies to share, order two margherita pizzas at $14.50 each. If you’re feeling a little indulgent, however, splash out $27 on a Truffle Burrata Pizza, which features homemade burrata filled with black and white truffle cream, grape tomatoes, basil, prosciutto di Parma, and extra virgin olive oil. 

Bravo Kosher Pizza

For those keeping kosher while celebrating in Times Square, Bravo Kosher Pizza is the spot for you. It’s located five blocks south of 42nd Street and a large 18” pizza costs $23, so spend the rest on some garlic bread or knots. 

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