New Year, New Pizza Resolutions

Congrats! It’s the start of 2021, which means you’ve kept most, if not all of your New Year’s Resolutions so far. Last year was hard, so the rest should be easy and cheesy. Make the most of your clean plate with our pizza resolutions for the new year:

Try new things

Ravioli with pasta sauce

Pizza people: Go for the pasta. 

Pasta people: Grab a calzone. 

Calzone people: Try the chicken parm. Or, start slow with a regular slice. Just think of it as an open-faced pizza pocket.

Less procrastinating, more face time 

Set a night for dinner, virtual or IRL, then schedule your orders in advance. Your food will arrive right in time for the Zoom call.

Stop pineapple pizza shaming

C’mon people. It’s 2021. Pizzas are pies, and pies have fruit.  

Get generous 

Increase your tip amount at checkout! Don’t forget, pizzeria people are essential workers who need your support.

Live life to the fullest 

Many a time, you thought about tacking on wings, only to chicken out. Not this year. YOLO. You Only Lunch Once per day…or do you? 🤔

Cook less. Clean less. Order more pizza.

The most important pizza resolution: Support small biz 

Easy! Order and reorder from local restaurants. 

You can do it right here, right now

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