Slice’s 2020 Year in Review

Congratulations! You stayed strong through the $#!+show that was 2020. And, so did your favorite pizza shops, thanks to your support.

This year reminded us that not all heroes wear capes. Some wear aprons. Others, like you, wear the occasional napkin bib, though you mostly just power through and dodge the pizza stains.

Seriously, your pizza passion kept small business owners thriving when they needed you most.  Check the receipts:

You saved pizzerias $112 million by ordering on Slice, instead of those other greedy apps.

Slice Pizza Year In Review

Apps like GrubHub, Uber Eats, and DoorDash charge absurdly high fees to hard-working restaurateurs. In 2020, the New York Times and others took notice — you took action. While other companies snagged giant cuts, you helped grow the pie for pizzerias.

You helped Slice raise $681K (and counting) for Pizza vs. Pandemic.

Slice Pizza Year In Review

Pizza vs. Pandemic delivers slices and smiles to hospitals, shelters, and care centers nationwide. In turn, this incredible initiative boosts local shops who have been hit hard by COVID-19. It’s all made possible by the generosity of chewers like you. 

With your donations, we fed roughly 200,000 (!) healthcare and frontline heroes. But, that’s not all. Pizza vs. Pandemic also drove orders for 2,000 Slice shops who were without dine-in traffic. 

Better days are ahead, but we’re still counting on you and your insatiable appetite for pizza philanthropy. Here’s how you can feed the need and support small business owners all at once.       

Getting hungry? Good.

Slice Year In Review

We’ve got more where that came from. Order now to close out 2020 with style…and a side of garlic knots.

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