On Juneteenth

As I said in a note to employees this morning, recent events have brought to the forefront of our minds and hearts the unacceptable reality that systemic racism and inequality continues, hundreds of years since Juneteenth. It’s on us at Slice to be a part of that systemic change.

We’ll start by taking a deeper look internally, to ensure that the makeup of our company, and importantly our leadership team, better reflects the diversity and change we stand for. And in honor of Juneteenth, 100% of today’s proceeds will be donated in support of the Black Lives Matter movement.

You may have seen a push notification that went out to users on the East Coast this morning. While I always assume our team operates with positive intent, it’s clear that the message is not the right one and does not represent our values. This was an ill-advised message and we sincerely apologize. Please know that we have since stopped any further notifications and are actively assessing our processes to ensure our communications moving forward accurately reflect our values.

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