Pickles on Pizza: Why This Unlikely Topping Makes For A Winning Combination

Have you ever tried peanut butter on a burger? What about fries dipped in ice cream? Orange juice and cereal?

The above food pairings are just a couple of unsuspecting combinations that may sound unappetizing but can actually be delicious. Conventional wisdom says they shouldn’t work, but, they do.

And when it comes to pizza, people will try spicing up their pie with just about anything that’s out of the ordinary: candy corn, peeps and mayonnaise and peas are just a few examples that illustrate just how creative individuals will get with their toppings. But not all bizarre pizza pairings are an instant hit. While sometimes these experimentations lead to a uniquely appetizing culinary experience, other times the results are less than satisfactory.

But, every once in a while, an outlandish food match will work and end up being a winning combination. And in the case of pizza, one of those bizarre-but-delectable pairings is pickles. (There’s even a few opinion pieces and articles on the Internet that back up this claim.)

You may be skeptical of this combo — and there’s good reason to be protective of what you put on your pizza. However, if you’re interested in pushing your culinary boundaries and challenging your taste buds, pickles baked onto a pizza is a combination worth trying.

If pickles aren’t your cup of tea, it’s probably a good idea to veer away from this mashup. However, if you find yourself snacking on a dill or adding a few pickle chips to a sandwich, this may be the pairing for you.

Here are a few reasons you should give pickles on pizzas a chance:

1. Pickles often enhance hot sandwiches, so pizza is a logical next step

If you’ve ever had a few pickles wedged between a hot panini or sandwich, you’re familiar with the punch of salty-and-sour flavor it adds to your meal. Pickles works in burgers and grilled cheeses — so why not on a pie?

2. Pickles bring a vinegary and tangy quality to the pizza:

When it comes down to it, a pickle is essentially a vegetable; and adding vegetables to a slice is an act that’s frowned upon. So why should it be different for pickled cucumbers? The brine and vinegar from the pickle juice bring a delicious tang to each bite, and hot pickles jive especially well with the pizza’s melted cheese. Plus,if you’ve ever eaten pickled pepperoncini with a slice, you’ll likely regard the pickles-and-pizza combination as a comparable matchup.

3. Pickles are often paired successfully with surprising foods

Pickles are often a key ingredient in a surprising amount of weird-but-delicious food combinations. Peanut butter and pickle sandwiches are an unusual, but commonly raved-about pairing. Adding pickle juice to light beer creates a delicious new salty beverage. Ice cream and pickles are a commonly cited craving that strikes pregnant women. And, if you’ve ever had dill pickle-flavored chips, you know how addicting they can be.

As evident by the above examples, pickles are an incredibly versatile that work food well with a number of seemingly implausible foods. So why not try it with your pizza?

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