Order Pickup for a Chance to Win 50% OFF for LIFE

Your next trip to the pizzeria may be accompanied by the paparazzi. Every time you place a Very Important Pickup order on the Slice app between now and May 3, you’ll be entered to win 50% OFF your orders for life* as a Slice VIP!

That’s right – 50% OFF the very best in authentic pizza, pasta, and sides for the rest of your days. This is your opportunity to live a life of opulence that would have made Robin Leach jealous.

We here at The Sauce love the luxury of delivery, but what could be more grand than taking a stroll to your local shop with spring in full swing? And, as an added perk, you can pay with credit card or cash when you pick up your order – whatever floats your yacht.

This is your time to shine. The more pickup orders you place between now and May 3, the better chance you have to secure VIP status and win 50% off Slice for life.

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