6 Reasons Why Pizza Is Better Than Tacos

Don’t get us wrong – tacos are great. But they’re not the most delicious thing on the planet. That’s a mantle that belongs solely to pizza, the greatest food ever created.

The next time your well-intentioned yet misguided friends try to tell you that tacos are better than pizza, please let them know:

1. Pizzas have more cheese than tacos

Cheesy Pizza Pull

Sure, some tacos have some cheese, but they’ve got nothing on gooey mozzarella-laden pizzas with cheese pulls that stretch for miles. In fact, some tacos have no cheese! Advantage: Pizza.

2. Pizzas are better for sharing than tacos

There’s nothing more democratic than the pizza pie. It’s already perfectly partitioned into slices, which also makes the math easy. If you know you’re down for four slices, and your three friends are good for an average of ~four each, then you can safely order two pies for the fam. (Editor’s note: With that said, we encourage you to order a couple of extra pies, plus a side of garlic knots, just to be on the safe side.)

Tacos, on the other hand, are trickier. Do you want two tacos? Are you hungry enough for five tacos? How big are these tacos, anyway? Good luck figuring that one out – with tacos, you won’t really know until you dig in.

3. Tacos can be a part of pizza. Pizza on tacos doesn’t work as well

Taco Pizza Tony Baloney's

We love a good food mashup/crossover, but we can’t recall seeing a pizza taco on Instagram that made us drool all over the phone screen. On the flipside – OMG LOOK AT THIS TACO PIZZA.

At Tony Boloney’s, and other amazing shops, you can get all of your fave taco meats and fixins on a pizza. If you’re looking for a taco that can withstand the awesomeness of lots of cheese and tomato sauce without turning into a bright red wet newspaper in your hand – good luck.

4. Pizza makes for an excellent breakfast; tacos do not

Pizza Sharing Family

Nutrition experts and people with taste buds are in agreement – pizza is an incredible breakfast.

Tacos for breakfast? That’s like having a Bloody Mary at dinner.

5. Pizza can be enjoyed cold, tacos can’t

A cold taco? That’s like drinking a hot Bloody Mary.

Cold pizza? We’re so down for that.

6. Pizza holds up better for delivery than tacos

Those Styrofoam boxes may protect tacos from the elements, but they do not do a great job of keeping them fresh. As great as tacos are, they need to be treated with the urgency of a message from Chief Quimby to Inspector Gadget.

Want to get delicious pizza delivered in a brilliantly designed cardboard box? Good news – there’s an app for that.

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