How Slice Register, a POS System for Pizzerias, Helps Prima Pizza Kitchen Thrive

When customers crave saucy Drunken Grandma pies, Prima Pizza delivers. Naturally, owner Jerry Carollo needed a POS (Point of Sale) system to keep up with soaring demand. Now, thanks to Slice Register, this Somerville, NJ shop is firing up record sales.

Setting The Table

Prima Pizza is beloved for its Italian classics, new-school creations, and kind service. Jerry wouldn’t have it any other way, because that’s how he’s operated from Day 1.

“It’s a family business. I was actually standing on a milk crate doing the register right after school every day,” Jerry said. “I put a lot of heart into what I do. [Now], my customers have become family.”

The restaurant was a dream come true for Jerry, though his POS systems were a total nightmare. Finally fed up with botched orders and awful tech support from other providers, Prima Pizza switched to Slice Register.

The Challenge: Keeping Up With Order Volume

“This location is really busy. If the register goes down, that means the credit card terminal goes down and we’re not able to process orders,” Jerry explained. “I’d have to wait for customer support that’d take one day or two days. I don’t have that kind of time. I have an hour, max.”

Unfortunately, that’s a story that pizzeria owners know all too well. Most legacy POS systems are designed for clothing retailers who might process a few transactions per hour. Meanwhile, shops like Prima Pizza can get three orders every thirty seconds on a busy night.

When customers want to add pepperoni at the last minute? Those terminals would freeze like Italian ice, leaving Jerry without a credit card processor.

The Solution: Slice Register’s Best-In-Class POS System   

Jerry was losing time, money, and patience. Determined to keep his customers satisfied, he vowed to “make that next move.”

“I needed a company that was always receptive in every aspect,” Jerry said. “Slice Register is the most consumer-friendly system that I’ve used, and I’ve worked on a lot of them. This is very effective and streamlined.”

“We’re not writing two or three tickets for one order and walking each one to different stations. Instead, I tap a single button.”

As a result, Prima Pizza has increased its sales upwards of 20% over the previous year. That’s good news for the Carollos, whose extended family has grown even larger.

“I’ve dealt with a lot of POS systems. Slice is the easiest to use by far. I don’t feel like I’m dealing with another corporation. I feel like I’m dealing with a family. To me, that’s extremely important.”

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