Adult Homework: What Pizza Should Your Family Order?

Ah, back to school – a time of year where everything feels fresh and new as an empty notebook.

Fall can be just as hectic for parents as students, if not more so. But, we have an adult homework assignment to help you get through the first month after a long, hot summer. After all, by the end of the first week of school, you’ll probably need an easy win, and what better, easier way is there to get the whole family together than pizza delivery? 

Tell us about your parenting style, and we’ll tell you what kind of pizza to order for family pizza night.

  1. What is your back to school shopping strategy?
    • a. Buy items on the list provided by the teacher 
    • b. Buy items on the list provided by the teacher, then let your kids pick out a wacky lunchbox or pencil case, the more unicorns and rainbows, the better. 
    • c. Set your kids free in the appropriate section at Target and see what they pick for themselves. 
  2. What is your ideal family vacation destination?
    • a. Somewhere with interesting historical sites and fun museums
    • b. Disneyworld and/or land
    • c. Europe
  3. What do your kids eat for dinner?
    • a. Whatever you’re preparing for yourself
    • b. Chicken fingers, mac and cheese, and hamburgers, rinse and repeat. 
    • c. Seasonal produce with a side of molecular gastronomy
  4. What is your favorite family film?
    • a. Planet Earth. Nature documentaries count, right?
    • b. Frozen or Moana, whichever one you didn’t watch yesterday
    • c. Ratatouille
  5. What are your thoughts on Peppa Pig?
    • a. It’s a nightmare I sometimes believe I’ll never escape from
    • b. It’s a nightmare I sometimes believe I’ll never escape from, but I bought my kids the album
    • c. It’s a nightmare I sometimes believe I’ll never escape from
  6. What is your favorite picture book to read to your kids?
    • a. Goodnight Moon
    • b. Where the Wild Things Are
    • c. Blueberries for Sal
  7. Which Big Little Lies character do you relate to the most?
    • a. Madeline Mackenzie
    • b. Jane Chapman
    • c. Bonnie Carson
  8. How did you pick your children’s names?
    • a. They’re named after family members and close friends
    • b. They’re named after the cities they were conceived in
    • c. They’re named after fruits, vegetables, plants, and animals
  9. Which style of pizza is your favorite?
    • a. New York Style
    • b. Deep Dish
    • c. Wood fired
  10. When it’s family game night, what game are you playing?
    • a. Scrabble
    • b. Pie Face!
    • c. Settlers of Catan
Veggie Pizza Slice Healthy

Mostly As: Veggie Pizza. You believe in teaching your kids to make healthy choices, even when it comes to pizza. These habits will last them a lifetime, and they’ll be the spoilsport asking for mushroom pizza well into adulthood. You’re doing a great job.

Half Pepperoni Half Plain Pizza

Mostly Bs: Half cheese, half pepperoni. You’re just looking to spend a laid-back night with your kids and go with the flow. That’s why half toppings routinely save your life. This way, everyone can eat what they want. Sure, life can be chaotic at times, but it’s all worth it. You’re the Matthew McConaughey of parents. Everything’s going to be alright, alright, alright. 

Pizza With Prosciutto

Mostly Cs: Prosciutto and Honey. You’re not a regular mom (or dad). You’re a cool mom. That’s why you keep up with the latest foodie trends, only ordering the finest in gourmet pizzas for your bunch. You’re teaching your kids to be adventurous and expand their horizons, one pizza at a time. 

Whatever kind of parent you are, you and your kids deserve pizza after the week you’ve had. It’s a chance to wear comfy clothes, put your feet up, watch a movie, and enjoy your unique and perfect little family. 

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