Slice Accelerate: Nominate your favorite neighborhood pizza shop!

Nothing beats pizza from your favorite neighborhood mom and pop shop. Being from a long line of pizzeria owners myself, I’ve got a few favorites. Those owners, their passion and their art are what inspired me to start Slice. We help keep those local shops alive and thriving, and exactly where they should be — at the heart of our communities. And as our country continues to navigate COVID-19 heading into the fall and winter, it’s crucial we focus on enhancing the resilience of our local shops.

You might think of Slice as a platform through which you order pizza from your favorite local shop. We’re honored to provide that quality and cost-saving service to both our shop owners and customers alike, but we’re constantly looking for even more ways to help keep local thriving

Where I live on Staten Island, I’m on a first name basis with most of the local pizza shop owners, particularly those who are from the same town in Albania I’m from. It wouldn’t be a Friday night family dinner without pizza from A&S Pizza or Pizza Mia.  And I couldn’t imagine a world without a slice from my favorite local pizzeria, which inspired me to take Slice’s services a step further. Since the beginning of the year, we’ve been transforming Pizza Mia’s business. From digitally transforming their business to updating  their branding to streamlining their operations, we completely upgraded their business with astounding results.  Shops in our beta program saw a 130% increase in shop sales and 330% increase in digital sales.  (There’s one thing we will never do: change or even touch their authentic recipes!) 

We want to scale that success by taking what we did for Pizza Mia and doing the same for your favorite pizza shop.

We’re offering over $15,000 in products, collateral and services to 100 of your favorite shops. Does your beloved local shop need an upgrade?  Could they be more digitally accessible to customers?  Could they use a brand refresh? 

Nominate them today for Slice Accelerate!  

How it works

Tell us about your beloved neighborhood shop using the nomination form. We are accepting nominations now, and will be announcing winners on a rolling basis. Nominate your favorite local pizzeria today!

The selected shops will all share a desire to modernize, to use technology to scale up operations while maintaining a great quality product. This opportunity is for small business owners wanting a playbook for success and an increase in sales.

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