Slice and Pizza to the Polls Deliver!

Slice and Pizza to the Polls are proudly making democracy delicious by providing tasty pies to voters on Election Day. Together, we’ll ensure that voting is as easy as ordering a pizza! 

With help from Slice, Pizza to the Polls has treated voters to roughly 17,000 pizzas at 2,500 locations since 2016. This year, we’re helping them cast an extra large net by delivering tasty local pizza all across America.

With record voting interest in 2020, it’s more imperative than ever to bring Pizza to the Polls. It’s a completely nonpartisan, nonprofit, and pro-pizza effort, designed to keep everyone well-fed as they participate in the process.

This election season, Slice and Pizza to the Polls will be on-call for long lines across the nation. When reports of long lines come into Polls.Pizza/Report, a local Slice pizzeria will dispatch deliciousness to the polling location. When delivery drivers arrive on the scene, they’ll hand out pizzas to everyone.

“Hunger is the last thing that should hurt our elections,” Pizza to the Polls co-founder Scott Duncombe said. “Our mission is to create the same enthusiasm that brought everyone to the polling site in the first place. Thanks to our volunteers and partners like Slice, we’re making it happen.”

Here’s how you can help bring even more Pizza to the Polls. 

1. Donate

You’ll treat hungry voters to delicious pizza and support small businesses, all at once.  Everyone wins!  

2. Report a crowd

At a crowded polling place that could use some pizza? Let us know at Polls.Pizza/Report.

3. Stick around

Don’t miss the delivery! Stick around — we’ll notify you as soon as the order is placed. (It’s okay if you can’t stay. Just let us know when you report the line.)

When the food arrives, let everyone know that there’s free slices for everyone! That includes poll workers, voters, kids, journalists, poll watchers, and anyone else who’s out and about.

4. Spread the word

Promote @PizzatothePolls across social media and let your friends know they can help report a line or donate food.

Visit Polls.Pizza to donate and learn more about making democracy delicious.

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