NEW: Fresh app features to drive sales

This week, we are rolling out a series of app upgrades to make your customers’ ordering experience better than ever. Here’s a quick look at what’s changed and how you can take advantage of the new Slice features:

Item favoriting ❤️

Now, customers can tap the tastiest items from your shop and add them to their list of favorites. That means faster and easier reordering, which translates into more sales for you.

Mouthwatering descriptions and tasty pics will drive favoriting and increase customer loyalty. Go to your Owner’s Portal today to upload images and fine tune your menu.

Search by category

new slice features

Got great wings? Another one of the new Slice features: we’ll help your customers find them, fast, when they search for wings and other categories in the Slice app.

Take a quick look at your menu to make sure every item is in the correct category. See something out of place? Do a quick fix via your Owner’s Portal.

We’re highlighting your tastiest items

new slice features

We’ll show your featured items on the home screen, driving customers to order as soon as they open the app. Plus, we’ll show off your top 5 items on your menu page — all you have to do is contact your Account Manager to pick ‘em out.

🔥 Hot tip: A picture says 1,000 words and drives up to 20% more orders! Snap and upload pics to the Owner’s Portal, straight from your phone. To take pizza pics like a pro, follow our handy how-to guide.

You’ll still receive orders through the Slice OS, just like always. 

Questions about the new Slice features?

Contact your dedicated Account Manager, any time. ❤️

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