Now you can ❤️ your local faves

Pizzeria ordering is personal. You have strong takes on thin-crust vs. Sicilian, large pepperoni slices vs. ‘roni cups, and (gulp) pineapple as a pizza topping.

And, how about wings? Do you like ‘em hot or really really really hot? Blue cheese or ranch? From pizza, to the starters, to the bottom of the menu — the pizzeria experience is all about catering to your preferences.

That’s why Slice is getting personal. This week, we rolled out fresh new features for a completely customizable experience. Now, it’s easier than ever to order your faves and find more of the go-tos you ❤️.

Can’t decide on all of this deliciousness? We’ve got you covered with personalized reccos and hand-picked shop specialties, straight from the chefs themselves. It’s all about bringing you more of the local flavor you love.

Before you dig in, here’s a little taste of what we’re serving up with the Slice app redesign.

Save local faves ❤️  

Those garlic knots are unforgettable. 

Literally. You’ll never forget them when you save your fave items on the app.

Tap the ❤️ whenever you spot a go-to dish or anything that looks super delish. We’ll add it to your list of favorites so that you can order, reorder, and re-reorder more of the best in town.

Satisfy every craving

Find everything from arancini to zeppoles, fast. Search for whatever your heart and stomach desire — we’ll show you where to get it.

Fresh discoveries

Pastas. Salads. Wings. Heroes. Mozz sticks… You get the picture. When you’re on the fence with your order, we’ll help you out with personalized recommendations and shop-selected faves.

Go exploring

You know your local go-tos, but there’s a wide world of pizza out there for you to explore. Now, you can experience every crispy corner with our fully customizable map view.

You’ve got great taste ❤️ 

slice app redesign

You’re no ordinary regular — you’re a pizza pro and a tastemaker. Besides, you’re with us, so you’ve got the best of the best at your fingertips.

Come find your favorites today and keep local thriving ❤️ . Let us know what you think of the the Slice app redesign!

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