Auth0 Delivers Secure Authentication for Slice

Slice has selected Auth0 as its sole identity and authentication partner. As a result, the leading identity platform for application teams will provide a secure login experience for over five million Slice users nationwide. 

After closing a successful round of Series C funding, we reviewed a number of identity management solutions. But, ultimately, Auth0 was the best choice to meet the needs of our growing consumer base. Auth0 — which safeguards over 4.5 billion login transactions per month — was the only platform to check every box. This partnership provides the authentication, customization, and maintenance pricing we need to keep local shops thriving.

Auth0’s bulk migration support eliminates the hassle of password resets for our users. And, furthermore, it keeps their most sensitive data secure. Users will now be able to log-in to Slice (and many more applications) all at once via SSO (Single Sign-On) authentication.

Auth0’s industry-leading consumer protection ensures the privacy and safety of Slice users all across the web.  It’s all part of our larger mission to serve pizza lovers with easy and reliable access. Moreover, this supports over 13,000 shops across all 50 states.

As the nation’s largest marketplace for authentic pizza, Slice enables small business owners across 3,000 cities to compete against the conglomerates. We’re excited to serve their loyal regulars with Auth0’s identity protection, because everyone should have total peace of mind as they support their favorite pizzerias.  

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