Vegans: Have Your Pizza and Eat It Too

The call to eat pizza is strong. But for those living by stricter diet requirements, the hassle of finding a place that can accommodate can be a bit of a drag. Much less a place with actual choices. And in NYC, where pizza is the food pyramid, the perpetual search for a vegan slice can be overwhelming.

Fear not, fellow vegan (and lactose intolerant) friends, this one’s for you.

Vinnie’s Pizzeria

Vinnie’s Pizzeria: a neighborhood institute. Having served slices since 1960, this self-appointed title has been duly earned. Steadfast to its original recipe and with a large selection of specialties, Vinnie’s has become a Brooklyn mainstay. But the real testament is Vinnie’s success in carving out spaces in Williamsburg and Greenpoint, two areas notoriously known for rapid changes and residents in transit. Unlike other places that might only have one vegetarian (let alone vegan) option, Vinnie’s dedicates half of its menu to such choice.

148 Bedford Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11211

253 Nassau Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11222

Screamer’s Pizzeria

Here, vegans rule the roost as all pizzas are vegan-friendly. But the pizza is of such caliber that you’ll be hard pressed to distinguish the difference. The pies are made with vegan cheese (almond ricotta is a showstopper), fresh ingredients, and quality meat alternatives. It’s all about selection without hesitation: get a smoky kick from a BBQ Jack, made with jackfruit or cozy up with a Grandma Sicilian-style slice. With Screamer’s, vegan pizza is an actual choice, not an afterthought.

620 Manhattan Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11222

Paulie Gee’s

Looking for that old-school brick oven pizza? Paulie Gee’s in Greenpoint is known for its higher-end pies. Its dine-in only policy encourages patrons to take the time to really savor and indulge in the hand-crafted experience. The selection includes some truly masterful creations including the popular Jackie Green made with jackfruit meatballs and the Grapeful Dead topped with its namesake house-pickled grape halves.

60 Greenpoint Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11222

Two Boots

For over 30 years, this East Village fixture has been slinging pizza pies all across NYC. Its expansive menu is filled with quirky and fun choices, such as the Earth Mother (named after Bette Midler) and the V for Vegan, made with Daiya cheese and a zesty combination of red pepper and basil pestos. This bohemian-vibing pizza shop is the go-to for a vegan slice on the go.

Over 10 locations in NYC

Double Zero

Set in the East Village, Double Zero offers a contemporary plant-based menu that pursues pizza with a sense of elegance. The menu is heavily curated, including pizzas like Creamy Artichoke, Basil Sunflower Pesto, and even a Breakfast pizza as a part of chef Matthew Kenney’s plant-centric approach to cuisine. Featuring a generous selection of tree-nut cheeses like cashew mozzarella and macadamia ricotta, Double Zero is an invitation to see what’s next for pizza.

65 2nd Ave
New York, NY 10003

— Amanda Yam

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