What Kind of Pizza You Should Order Based on Your Myers-Briggs Type

The Inspector – ISTJ

Cheese Pizza
Traditional and driven, you like everything to be orderly. And if it’s not broke, don’t fix it, right? Cheese pizza is a classic for a reason and will please even the pickiest ISTJ.

The Counselor – INFJ

Pineapple pizza
You’re a creative idealist who isn’t always in step with the way others view the world. This is why you like pineapple on pizza. You’re a visionary who will someday be understood, even if your views aren’t appreciated in their own time.

The Mastermind – INTJ

You’re most comfortable working diligently, analytically, and by yourself. You like to ask questions. Why not order yourself a pizza on one of your nights in, half veggie supreme, half meatlovers, and dig into your taste preferences with a head to head experiment.

The Giver – ENFJ

You’re imaginative, fun, and love to be surrounded by people. The obvious way to accomplish this is to throw a pizza party. Nothing brings friends running like the scent of fresh pizza wafting through an open door. Pepperoni always pleases a crowd, unless your personal crowd has a lot of vegetarians, in which case, order mushroom.

The Craftsman – ISTP

You are spontaneous and mysterious, a real enigma wandering the world. Why not order a pizza just as strange and surprising as yourself? A calzone! A pizza so mysterious it keeps everything on the inside.

The Provider – ESFJ

Much like the giver, you love organizing social events and relish being in the center of a crowd. You’re sweet and just a little spicy. Why not order a pizza with peppers – red, green, jalapeño – whatever pleases your pals.

The Idealist – INFP

Olive and Onion
You, dear idealist, love daydreams, metaphors, symbolism, and losing yourself in your own little world, far from the concerns of ordinary life. Choose a pizza that forges its own path, like a bold olive and onion, or maybe pull a Princess Diaries and write your feelings in M&Ms on top. Sorry.

The Performer – ESFP

You love to be center stage in front of an adoring crowd. You like life to have a little extra theatrical zest. A pesto pizza is both universally beloved and slightly outside the mainstream. Order one for your audience and enjoy.

The Champion – ENFP

Brussels Sprouts
You are intuitive, thoughtful, and highly resistant of anything boring or mainstream. Your pizza needs to be cutting edge and trendy, a veritable symphony of new tastes. Brussels sprouts have been wildly popular in fine dining restaurants for the past decade, and pizza is their final frontier to conquer. Just imagine crisp, salty pan-fried Brussels sprouts atop a thin, wood-fired pizza. Heaven.

The Doer – ESTP

Artisanal Salami
You’re logical, methodical, and interested in getting things done. You want a pizza that’s the best of the best Italian tradition and a complete meal. Artisanal salami, prosciutto, or ham will serve to satisfy your gourmet tastes and your appetite, all at the same time. Buon appetito!

The Supervisor – ESTJ

Dedicated to being a good citizen, playing by the rules, and following tradition, you know that the best pizza is a classic pizza. You know that the best pizza is Margherita, a tradition for a reason. Find your closest wood-fired pizzeria and order one up.

The Commander – ENTJ

White pie
A born leader, you love to challenge yourself. You are constantly in motion, never taking time to rest on your laurels when you could be starting another project. You’re secure enough in your love of pizza to branch out, explore the unexpected, and like it. Order a white pie for the times when you think you might be getting stuck in a tradition rut.

The Thinker – INTP

Practical, intuitive, and logical, you’re looking for a pizza that accomplishes multiple things at once. Why not order a spinach pizza. It’s delicious and also provides you with vital nutrients like iron. You’ll have your pizza and eat it, too.

The Nurturer – ISFJ

Heart-Shaped Pizza
You’re generous, sensitive, and considerate, finding fulfillment in caring for others. Pizza is a perfect way to say I love you. Order a heart-shaped pizza, even when it isn’t Valentine’s Day, and express your love for your friends and the world through wholesome nourishment.

The Visionary – ENTP

Dessert Pizza
Theories, arguments, and analysis are your strong suits. You want to order a pizza that’s barely even recognizable as a pizza, just for the conversations that it will spark. Order up a nutella-topped dessert pizza and watch the debate erupt. Is it a dessert? Is it a pizza? Is it edible? Thunderdome, pizza-style.

The Composer – ISFP

You are a warm, spontaneous introvert who loves learning new things and chasing connection and adventure. Potato pizza is exactly the kind of hearty fuel you need to power all of your hopes and dreams. Whether it’s French fries or thin, melting slices of roasted potato, it’s the kind of comforting food you crave.

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